it's time to QUIET THE CHAOS AND come home to your soul

Become who you truly are, not who other people + the society tells you to be.

I help purpose-driven folks reconnect to their inner voice, align with their purpose & gifts, and unlock their creative powers by powerfully stepping into who they are born to be:

The world needs your voice, vision, and what you have to offer now more than ever.

I practice different modalities and have various offers, from art, storytelling, and writing to Human Design consultations and soul coaching.

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Hi, I'm Eileen!

I’m a writer, storyteller, Human Design Guide and Soul Coach for purpose-driven folks.

That basically just means that I help people become who they are meant to be, and not who other people + the society tells them to be. 

They get to shed all the gunk in the way of impact & income, and align their life with their vision.

I run on coffee and cuddles, and I’m a proud supporter of yoga pants and messy buns. When I’m not doing business stuff, you’ll find me out in nature with my kids & fur babies.

I want you to love yourself so fiercely that your very existence becomes an act of rebellion in a society that profits from your self-doubt!

How we can work together

Human Design Sessions

Create a thriving business by powerfully being you. You’ll learn how to align your business with your purpose, so that you can make impact and income YOUR way.

1:1 Coaching Packages

Soul coaching for purpose-driven folks and entrepreneurs. Become your unapologetic self in life + business by shedding the gunk in your way.

Free Worthiness Kit

Grab my free 3-minute worthiness journal + self-care kit to nourish your soul on a daily basis in a short, sweet, and effective way.

Read more kind words from clients

  • I was honored to get to do a human design reading with Eileen and she took me through the process of just understanding how to use my human design to my advantage.

    It was so helpful to learn how certain things can make such a difference in the way I’m designed to operate in the world!

    I loved how knowledgeable she was and she really delivered the information so beautifully!

    Thank you Eileen for your genius and for sharing your amazing wisdom!!

    If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!

    – Heather Hartman, Business Coach
  • “Eileen literally gave me a permission slip to be myself when she did my human design chart! I learned so much about my true self, at my core, and it was freeing. There is so much information provided to you when you learn about human design, that it can be overwhelming!

    Eileen has such a cool calm approach to delivering the information. She takes you through, step by step, and lets you absorb all the wonderful things she has decoded for you. Eileen even related how my human design can help me in my small business. I am grateful for my human design experience with Eileen! Thank you so much!

    Love, Paula”

    – Paula Grady, Artist
  • “Having the opportunity to discuss my Human Design chart through Eileen’s unique perspective of marketing my coaching work gave me an eye opening shift of perspective and a great boost of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer.

    Although I had been casually learning about HD for several months before, this was the first time I had someone who is knowledgeable about Human Design frame it for me in such a way that I can really see how to use my natural strengths to attract my ideal clients and clearly speak to their desires.

    In addition to the value of her work, Eileen also showed a great energy of support, enthusiasm and belief in me and my work that made the whole experience very motivating and inspiring.

    A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others from a place of my own natural flowing rhythm. Thank you!!”


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Ready to shed all those layers of conditioning that hold you back?

I help purpose-driven folks, creative rebels, dreamers, seekers, visionaries, and conscious entrepreneurs find their purpose, realign to their inner voice, and trust themselves enough to live their vision courageously, and go from force to flow.
My vision is to help you find your voice, express yourself unapologetically in life through Human Design, and reconnecting powerfully to your soul.
The world needs your work. 
Are you ready to start your journey? Then let’s chat!

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