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I am an inspirational writer, blogger, and wellness advocate on a mission: Empower women to heal old wounds, boost emotional health, and live with passion & purpose by reconnecting with the mind, body, and soul.


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    My name is Eileen, and I am so excited to see you here! I am a self-love writer and blogger, as well as copywriter for coaches and entrepreneurs. I am passionate about fierce self-love and reconnecting with mind, body, and spirit to find your passion & purpose in life. I firmly believe that empowered women empower women, and we all can live a fuller, braver, and happier life. 


    No, I don’t mean perfection – I mean embracing the beautiful chaos and letting your soul shine with all your strength and weaknesses. You are worthy of the life you crave, and I have created my blog, courses, and e-books to help you step into your next level of self.

    I struggled with childhood trauma, anxiety, abuse, addiction, depression – but kept trying to do it all until the body shut down with chronic pain and stress, and refused to function until I started healing. I remember when I sat with my newborn son for the first time, and I thought: No more. I am going to heal, and I am going to embrace life fully.

    The journey led me to re-evaluate everything I knew to live a fuller, yet simpler and more balanced life. I have fallen in love with every single bit of living, all the madness, beauty, chaos, and calm moments. I crave every single bit of happiness out there. Do you? Are you ready? Then join me on the adventure that is life, babe!

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    I believe in fierce and radical self-love, the kind that makes you open your heart and soul, work with all your shadows and doubts, rewrite all the old stories that no longer serve you.

    I believe in caring for your emotional wellbeing and placing your needs first - you can't help anybody else if you do not care for yourself first. Oh, and the occasional manicure and self-care date probably won't hurt you either.

    Are you looking for a community of supporting women? Do you need consistency and accountability to reach your self-care, health, and wellness goals? Welcome to the Essential Love & Holistic Living Community. This is a place for women to come together and heal their body image, reclaim self-love, and spark passion in their lives. 

    I believe that self-love and self-acceptance are crucial first steps on your wellness journey, and it becomes easier with the support from other amazing women. Feel free to reach out to one another, post your stories and thoughts, and answer each other’s questions – together we can thrive, flourish, and heal.

    In need of a copywriter? You have a message to convey, and I have the words to bring out your unique voice — in a clear, engaging way that remains true to your brand.

    I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I am offering free 1:1 sessions to help you find out which essential oils you need and how to use them.

    Are you ready for radical, bold, and deep self-love and start living the life you desire? Then my blog, coming e-courses and books are the ultimate solution for you.

    What if you could...

    Start loving yourself deeply, feel worthy and happy with your life? What if you felt energized and healthy, with lots of joy and excitement, so you could show up for your family and pursue your dreams? What if you could say yes to live a fuller, bolder, more beautiful life?


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    I offer some awesome resources for you – a free Facebook Group with coaching calls, monthly challenges, e-books, and other resources. In addition, you can sign up for a free self-discovery e-mail coaching program. I am also offer free 1:1 sessions on essential oils for emotional wellbeing, as well as offering e-courses on deep & radical self-love.

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    Are you ready for radical, bold, and deep self-love and start living the life you desire? Sign up for my e-course now.

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