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Aspiring Author. Copywriter. Entrepreneur. Creativity-Seeker. Trail-blazer.

I’m Eileen, and I am on a mission to imperfectly empower both myself and other womxn to become visible AF and step into our unapologetic selves. I am obsessed with my 3 magic Ms: Mindset, Marketing, and Manifestation. Together, it will boost your business, make sure you are aligned, and let you step into powerful energy that will captive, create trust, and convert dream clients. Join me on my journey, and let me help you send your voice powerfully out into the world with my:

– Content & Copy Services

– Mindset & Marketing Courses

– Magazine for Conscious Entrepreneurs

It is time to empower your story, create a meaningful & pleasure-based business, and let your authentic self step unapologetically out into the world!

Content for Stand-Out Brands

You’re edgy. You’re bold. You have a clear vision for your business. 

You know you want a stand-out brand with a deeper meaning, and you want to say bye to bland forever. But when it comes to putting your words to paper (or the screen), you struggle with your message.

It is finally time for you to empower your story with magnetic marketing & thought-provoking content.

Learn To Captive & Convert Clients

If you are craving a deep connection with your audience, but you are creating content for hours on end without getting noticed, then this is for you:

Identify your unique brand story and start crafting content that goes straight to your clients hearts & spread your beautiful work.

Early birds get a special price on both the self-run course and consulting packages. Book now, babe!

Her Empowered Story Magazine

Her Empowered Story Magazine is created for heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. In addition to creating and growing an aligned business online, we focus on:

Becoming unapologetically you, daring to take space and become visible, and how to share your unique gifts with the world.

Ready to blaze your own trails in life?


Register for the FREE on-demand Masterclass, and you’ll find out…

  • The simple “magic process” to follow to uncover your ideal clients pain points–and exactly what to say so they easily open up about their deepest desires, wants, needs and fears
  • How to set up powerful surveys–and how to ask the right questions so your surveys are actually effective!
  • How to get to the “root” of your ideal client’s problems (not just the surface-level stuff)–even if you can’t speak to them directly!

If you need help narrowing down that ideal client description, sign up below to get access to my on-demand webinar, 5 Ways To Discover Your Ideal Client’s Pain Points & Language.

Do you lack self-confidence when it comes to expressing your uniqueness and convert clients? Do you have an empowering story to tell, but struggle with self-doubt? Do you put out a ton of content, but lack true connection? I can help you craft powerful stories that will transform both your life and your business. 

My name is Eileen, and I am so excited to see you here! I am both a journalist and copywriter, and my background got me passionate about bringing storytelling into marketing. I truly believe we all have a story to tell, and I am here to send yours powerfully out into the world.

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses create powerful and savvy content that reflects your authenticity. Your unique story, passions, and motivations set you apart from everyone else on the market, even if the competition is fierce. You are not selling products or services, you are selling YOU. Are you ready to become magnetic and empower your story?

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Welcome to a community for female entrepreneurs, ready to empower their story, step into their unapologetic self & create a meaningful business, while tapping into power, passion, and play!

The FB group Her Empowered Story was created to support your journey to becoming magnetic online, build and scale your business, find your voice, and attract dream clients – all while keeping your heart-centred vision intact. I want this to be a safe place for you to practice your posts, photos, hold lives, etc. It is time to become visible!

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Are you tired of spending hours on writing content, and not getting any traction?

Do you see others killing it with their posts with endles "OMG, you are speaking to my soul" type of comments, and wish it was you?

You spend ages (okay, hours) pumping yourself with caffeine to create “enough” content. You thought content was king. But the truth is–while you might receive a Like here or a random emoji thumbs up there–your stories aren’t stirring emotions, or spawning sales.
Or maybe you keep pushing back your projects and put your dreams on hold, because you struggle with "not-enoughness", self-doubt, or other roadblocks?

What if you could...

  • Create strong bonds with your dream client and understand them on a deeper level?
  • Tap into storytelling to design the life and business of your dreams?
  • Truly start to accept and love yourself, and embark on a journey of self-discovery in every area of your life?
  • Rewrite your story and tap into compelling storytelling to find your unique, authentic voice in life and business?
  • Say yes to live a fuller, bolder, more beautiful life and flourishing business?


the power of authentic storytelling

I offer some awesome resources for you and opportunities to work with me. Do not waste any more time by checking out countless freebies, webinars, different strategies, or an endless amount of self-help books – do the soul-digging, powerful journey of self-discovery first and design a true, authentic, and empowered life and business.

Stop wasting time and get ready to step into your power! I will help you become magnetic online so you can start atracting dream clients and do the work you were put here to do!

Free Resources

Become a magnetic social media queen, tap into the power of storytelling, and unleash your creativity with my online magazine and free FB group.


You have a message to convey, and I have the words to bring out your unique voice — in a clear, engaging way that remains true to your brand.


Stop talking into the void & learn the craft of powerful brand storytelling on social media. I have the courses that will help you tap into your own powerful story.

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