Schedule Instagram Posts to Grow Your Following Organically

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Do you want to rock at social media? Are you a creative freelancer or creative entrepreneur, ready to build trust & engagement so you can get more clients? A simple trick is to plan your feed, either weeks or months ahead. There are many good reasons to schedule your Instagram posts, including:

  • Create a beautiful aesthetic
  • Save time
  • Grow your following organically
  • Increase productivity
  • Create conversions
  • Interact with your followers
  • Implement a good marketing plan for social media

Here I will look at how and why you should start planning your Instagram. If you need apps and tools that let you schedule Instagram posts for free, then click here for my recommendations.

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Implement your strategies and achieve your goals

What do you want to achieve from your Instagram account? It is essential to map out your goals and create a strategy that gets you there. Do you want website traffic? Increase your following? Create brand awareness? If you use a scheduler, it is easier to implement your strategy.

For example, if you know you are going to launch a new product or service in a couple of months, you can use your Instagram planner to build awareness in advance. You can also use Instagram to build trust and communicate with potential clients. Use the opportunity to give your audience sneak-peaks, showcase your work, share behind-the-scene videos, and create a hype around your next launch.

I have personally taken a couple of Kayla’s courses over at Ivory Mix, and I recommend them to everyone who needs help with social media marketing. If you don’t want to buy a course just yet, she´s also got a few free e-books and other resources that are useful and helpful – her Pinterest guide, for example, helped me to get my account ready in no time!

Schedule Instagram posts to implement growth strategies

Save time by planning your Instagram posts

Instead of spending time on posting every day, you can plan the coming weeks in one go. It can take a lot of time to choose a photo, edit, create captions, and post at the right time. You can quickly get rid of a lot of stress by organizing all your content in one go.

I recommend that devote a day or a few hours to take plenty of photos in one go, rather than taking a single image at a time. That way you get to explore different settings or create tons of flat-lays and product images. If you need ideas of what to shoot, you can find plenty of inspiration on my Instagram-board on Pinterest. If you need tutorials, I would also recommend Skillshare. I use Skillshare myself and discovered lots of helpful how-to guides for content creation there.

Schedule Instagram posts to grow your following organically

Many schedulers offer analytics that helps you grow your following. For example, discover which posts have most engagement and when your followers are online. Lately, Instagram has made posts more chronological again, which means that timing matters. If your post gets many likes and comments, it will also be shown to more people. Using your analytics is therefore important when you are growing your following.

Many Instagram planners also include features such as showing the latest comments on your post. Unfortunately, if you get many notifications, you can quickly overlook comments. If you fail to reply to your followers, it may have a negative impact on your engagement. This feature makes it easy to respond to your comments, and help you connect and build a community with your audience.

Create a beautiful aesthetic

Last, but not least, you can create a gorgeous feed if you schedule Instagram posts in advance. Many of the Instagram apps for scheduling include a preview of your feed, along with a drag and drop feature so you can arrange your images nicely together:

  • Balance out images so they fit together
  • Decide on a theme or a specific editing style
  • Mix up different types of shots, so you don’t post similar images too close

Ready to try? I would love to hear back from you, so please comment and let me know how it goes. If you have any more tips for Instagram planning, please share as well.