Lightroom Presets for an instantly gorgeous Instagram feed

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A well-planned and visually appealing Instagram feed theme is essential when you want to grow your Instagram following organically. Those precious few seconds when visitors view your profile should sway them to hit the follow button immediately.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is either sticking to the same filters or use the same Lightroom presets. Simply hit a button in Adobe Lightroom to get beautifully edited images that are on-brand. In this article we will look at presets for following niches:

  • Bloggers
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Different skin colors
  • Outdoors

Just picture it (no pun intended): you spot an interesting photo that you love and click to view the profile, only to be confused over a chaotic and jumbled up feed. Imagine instead that you see an aesthetic theme with appealing images that flow naturally into one another. Which one would you follow? In this blog post, we will look at some stunning Lightroom presets you can use. If you haven’t got Lightroom already, hit the banner below to get started:

I would also highly recommend that you use an app to plan you feed in advance. You get to double-check that the images fit together, as well as save time by scheduling your posts in advance. I usually plan for a month at a time, but a week could also do just nicely. To learn more about planning your feed, please click here.

Anyways, onwards to the presets!

Stunning Creative Market Presets?

Creative Market is my go-to site for presets, overlays, templates, vectors, stock images, and much more. I support community over competition, and the best part of CM is that you support independent creators and designers when you buy their products. If you are not yet sure of your style, you can get large bundles that you can play with. However, if you know what you are after, you can go for smaller sets that match your needs.

Powered by Creative Market

First of all, let’s start with a large, gorgeous bundle that should cater to most needs. You even get free updates included in the price. I have fallen for the Bjorndale presets that are included in this bundle, and I have started them for all my photos in my personal Instagram account @villkatts. The presets gives me a coherent feed that matches my niche.

Powered by Creative Market

The bundle contains everything a boss babe & blogger needs. The presets are easy to use, directly from your mobile. It includes different styles so you can quickly pick the one that works best for you, whether you prefer dark and moody, a golden touch, dreamy spring days, pastel tints, a hint of lush green colors, and much more. You will find presets for fashion, nature, flowers, flat-lays, travel, family, and more, and you can easily adjust them to all lightning.

Powered by Creative Market

The bundle contains 400 presets for bloggers & to create your very own Instagram feed theme. Some of them are even compatible with mobile devices, which makes life much simpler if you edit & post your Instagram photos on the go. Whether you are into lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, hiking, or something completely different – you’ll have plenty to choose from when you are finding your personal style.

Powered by Creative Market

Lightroom presets for travel and lifestyle

If you are a traveler, the Instagram Blogger Travel bundle might be the for you. The presets are created specifically for editing travel and landscape photos. You get a professional and gorgeous theme by just clicking a button.

Powered by Creative Market

Bright White Lightroom presets is a good match if you like a clean, minimalistic look with plenty of white. The presets work well for creating vibrant images with a dreamy tint, although you will need some experience with editing to modify skin tones.

Powered by Creative Market

Summer Pack can be used on both desktop and mobile, and you can easily adjust the colors to your liking by moving color sliders. You do not need much knowledge, and the different presets can be used for almost every setting.

Presets for different skin tones

Standard filters on Instagram and many presets are for white Caucasian girls, and many presets can cause darker skin to turn out yellow or orange. There are several Lightroom presets for darker skin on Creative Market, as well as bundles wit presets that you adjust for skin tones.

Powered by Creative Market

The Cali Blogger bundle is perfect if you love vibrant tones and romantic touch to your photos. The presets are ideal for darker-tanned and black skin. You can create images with a warm and atmospheric light, pink tones, and gorgeous blue skies by using this bundle.

Powered by Creative Market

These presets are perfect for indoor photography and lets you adjust skin tones. Your photos will have a very clean look, and you can correct lightning, boost clarity and much more by just clicking a few buttons.

Powered by Creative Market

Give your photos a vibrant film-look by simply activating the presets on Lightroom. The presets include adjustment for skin colors, helping you achieve a flawless result.

Lightroom Presets for Nature and Outdoors

Powered by Creative Market

These presets are perfect for outdoor photography with dusty, faded tone and a natural palette. Give your photos a touch of bohemian and keep it wild with warm, nostalgic corrections.

Powered by Creative Market

These presets can be used all year around, no matter which season it is. The presets are a starting point, and you might need to adjust exposure, temperature, blacks and whites and so on.

Be creative and have fun!

These presets are only the tip of an iceberg. You will find many more to play around with, making it simpler to add your personal touch to your images. My best advice is to try different presets on all the different types of photos that you take. That way, you can decide which are best for you, and use it as a starting point to create a consistent and pretty Instagram feed, modify blog images, or even to simplify the editing process. If you found this useful, please leave a comment or tag me on Insta (@eileenystheim so I can see your work!