Writing Prompts: Defeat Writers Block in Simple Steps

Writing prompts are a fantastic tool that I often use to defeat writer’s block. However, on the days when creativity runs dry, I pour myself a cup of tea, grab pen and paper (or my keyboard, to be honest), choose a prompt and start writing.

Ready to get started? Get yourself comfortable and let your creative juices flow!

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Writing prompts to defeat writers block

There are different types of writing prompts. For instance, some describe what you should write; others let you start with a sentence. For instance, here are some lines you can start with and see how your story unfolds.

  1. One of the reasons I loved the dark alleys of the city, was that I could fade into the surroundings unnoticed.
  2. They say wishes up a shooting star never becomes true. Oh, how they were wrong; they were terribly wrong.
  3. “Welcome to the afterlife, how would you like to spend it”?, asked the Grim Reaper, as I slowly shook my head and tried to understand what was going on.
  4. All my classmates couldn’t wait to get out of this boring, old town. How little did they know about the deep, dark secrets that hid beneath its streets.
  5. He poured me a cup of coffee, looked at me quizzicaly, and asked: “Why on earth are you back after all these years?”

Writing prompts describing a scene

In addition, you can get started by describing a scene. As a result, your story might make itself very clear when you have mapped out the surroundings. After that, you can let your story unfold however way you want.

  1. You seek shelter from a storm in an old cottage. There are only a few books, a sofa and a big, large chest in there.
  2. You are standing in the middle of a city during a snow storm. People are panicking. Describe the scene.
  3. Amidst a thick, dark forest, you stumble upon an old notebook.
  4. You and a group of adventurers are in the middle of the rainforest when you suddenly see an old man standing by a tree.
  5. Do you have somewhere you have always dreamed of visiting, but never been? Well, now you are in your imagination. Describe whats happening around you.

Now you have 10 writing prompts to get you started. There are many more out there, so have a search, let your imagination loose and have some fun. Remember, dance like no ones watching and write like no ones reading.

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