Storyteller, Hiker & Earthlover: An Introduction. New to the blog? Please start here

I left the 9-5 to pursue a natural, sustainable life with more room for creativity and healing through nature. Chronic migraine, trauma, and anxiety forced me to rethink, rewild, and reconnect with nature to heal. The process rekindled my love of creativity & writing.

I was able to carve out a new lifestyle as a freelancer, while exploring mountains, raising my young explorers, and caring for Mother Earth. I will share my journey and experiences here on my blog, and hopefully, inspire you to pursue the life you’ve always wanted.

The blog covers three main topics you can explore by using the menu above:

Join me & leave the 9-5 behind

I hope I inspire you to pursue the life you have always dreamed of by providing helpful guides and tools. I strongly believe in building a community over competing. For me, my dream life was filled with nature and adventures.

It might be something entirely different for you. Do you long for a more sustainable life with time for the things that matter? Do you want to travel? Or do you simply want to write all day while still in your pajamas (trust me, its fantastic!).

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The environment & natural living

I have always had a passion for protecting the environment and caring for the planet. I was ecstatic when I got my dream job as a press officer for an environmental agency. Then life got tough. Chronic migraine, trauma, and anxiety, and newly becoming a mother brought it all to a stop.

I had to quit my job to heal, so I could be the best mother I could to my littles. It turned out that this may have been the best thing that has happened to me. I found a new way of living that did not make me ill or overburdened: a natural way of life, simpler, with time for nature and the small things that makes it all worthwhile.

A large part of my blog is devoted to the environment and my experiences with healing through nature. I hope some of my experiences may be of use, so you as well can carve out the best possible life for yourself. Please feel free to leave a message or connect with me on Instagram so we can inspire each other!