How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

I love to travel. But I also think there are more ways to travel than visiting touristic hotspots. Here are three tips that you can use to make your next travel experience unique & how to travel without being a tourist.

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Touristic Travel

Touristic travel is great if you look for what you have seen in the photos already. Still, you usually pay higher prices than anywhere else in the area, just because it is a touristic place.

What are your options if you want a more authentic experience? 

Non-Touristic Travel: A Closer Look At How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

There are a couple of ways you can change any travel experience into an adventure.

1.     Walk in a different direction

Literally, walk in a different direction. Tourists usually all walk the same route, and you meet them everywhere you go … Until you go left where they go right.

Why don’t you walk down an unknown street and see where you end up? There might be something to see, an interesting person to talk to, or a restaurant nobody knows of. 

2.    Outdoor Adventure

Another great way is to go outdoors. When it’s up to me, I would hike and explore nature every day. This gives me energy and allows me to relax. You get see a unique part of the place you visit. Sometimes you might even have the place to yourself.

3.     Use Local Transport To Travel Without Being a Tourist

Today you can book luxury buses or a travel agent to bring you from A to B. But why not use local transport? That is where you meet the people that actually live where you are. You get the opportunity to interact and maybe even get some exciting tips about where you are.

Key Takeaway On How to Travel Without Being a Tourist

I believe traveling is about adventure and enjoying the place you are at. To do this, I think it is best to go local and try the unusual route.

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