3 Ways to Improve Fitness for Hiking

Simple Ways To Improve Fitness for Hiking

No surprise to those following me on Instagram: I love hiking. As I talked about in How to start hiking without energy, I needed to train myself up and take one step at a time. Yes, literally and figurately speaking. Here you have another approach on how to improve fitness for hiking: Exercise.

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Hiking is Strenuous

Hiking is a strenuous sport. In my case, I often notice my legs and back after a long walk through the mountains. Climbing, walking on gravel, cobblestones, and sand all taxes your body.

Besides hiking, I have a fitness routine that helps me to be prepared whenever I go on an adventure.

Ways to improve fitness

Here are three ways you can quickly improve your fitness for hiking.

1.     Running

Running is great because it helps you to make a lot of steps in a short amount of time. You can alternate between different types of terrain, mountainous, streets, and flat. This way you also train your ankle, knee, and hip stability.

Even more so, you will develop endurance that comes in handy on your hiking days.

2.     Strength Training

The stronger your body, the easier it is to carry your backpack and walk up and down mountainous terrain. That is why it is a good idea to do strength training.

I advice to emphasise on the legs and core. Where the legs are obvious, your abdominal, and lower back muscles are just as important. When these are strong your backpack will not bother you as much, and your bodies energy expenditure will be more balanced.

Great core exercises are:

  • Dead Bugs
  • Wall Angels
  • Plank
  • Ab rollouts
  • Push-ups

3.     Walk Stairs

I understand strength training is not for all – at least not right now. So, why not take the stairs then? Alternate between one, two, or even three steps to change the intensity. If you walk a lot of stairs every day, your legs will get stronger.

In Conclusion: Improve Fitness for Hiking

If you take care of your fitness before your hikes, you will be able to hike farther and enjoy more. Also, your recovery after the hike will be quicker. Allowing you to go on another adventure again sooner.

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