Eco-friendly products on etsy? 2019

In light of Earth Month, I wanted to share some eco-friendly products I found on Etsy. I like Etsy because as an earthpreneur and small shop owner, I do love the concept of supporting local crafters, artists, and product-makers rather than pouring money into the big corporations. These sustainable products make it easy to incorporate three essential principles I try to live by: reduce, reuse, and recycle. We can’t do it all, but we can all do a little. A few of these green products will also contribute towards reducing plastic waste and finding alternatives to plastic. I also have a little check-list I ask myself before buying something:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Can it be reused?
  • Will it help me live sustainably?
  • Could I get it second-hand instead?
  • Again, do I truly need it?

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I like to focus on plastic-free alternatives, sustainably and ethically produced. This basic idea is also what inspired me to create my eco-friendly clothing line, Adventorous Women, created with no toxins and in a UK factory driven with renewable energy.

However, it is Etsy we are focusing today and not me. So without further ado, here is my list of eco-friendly products. Knock yourself out, have fun, and see how you can embrace plastic-free living.

String net reusable shopping bag

String bag reusable shopping bag is one of the eco-friendly products on Etsy

Say no to plastic bags and bring your own string-net reusable shopping bag. These are made from cotton and natural dye in an ethical fabric in India where the women receive fair working conditions. They expand when you put your groceries in them and fold up neatly in your handbag.

Plastic bags have a dire and severe impact on the environment and the sea. Numerous whales have washed ashore, tummies full of plastic. Whereas several countries have led the way to ban plastic bags, we don’t need to sit on the fence and wait for it to happen here: you can say no to plastic by start introducing sustainable and green products into your daily life.

Bring your own: Ceramic Travel Mug

Even though coffee mugs that are made of cardboard can be recycled, most of them sadly end up on the landfill. Recycling or not, bringing your own coffee mug is an effective way also to reduce your consumption. These travel mugs are so pretty you can’t help but want to bring them along. Heck, there are coffee mugs on Etsy that could complement your entire fashion outfit. Maybe your friends or co-workers will want to buy their own too when they lay their eyes on these?

Glass Straws

Banning and replacing plastic straw is a simple, yet effective way to reduce single-use plastic. These glass straws come in pretty colors and are easy to clean, and they make the shift to zero plastic living or even zero waste much more comfortable. My kids love them! A little tip: if you love smoothies, look for wide glass straws so its easier to drink.

Green beauty products on Etsy

Green beauty products are all the rage at the moment, and with good reason. Not only is it good for our planet, but it is also perfect for your health. If you fancy making your own, I suggest having a look at my essential oils – all my oil customers get support, recipes and everything they need to create everything from skin care products to eco-friendly cleaners.

If you prefer to buy your beauty products all ready for use, then why not get them directly from entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into these non-toxic beauty products? The image below shows an excellent example of organic, safe deodorant in a biodegradable package. There are also many other beauty products for you to explore on Etsy.

Zero waste reusable cotton pads

Eco-friendly products on Etsy, reusable cotton, pad

Drop the disposable ones and take a step towards zero waste living with reusable cotton pads – perfect to remove make-up and whatever else you use the disposable ones for. They are easy to wash, and when their lifespan is over they will biodegrade.

Conclusion: Eco-friendly products on Etsy that makes you feel goooood

So there you have it: eco-friendly products on Etsy that will make you feel good while making the shift towards less plastic easier. Do you have an eco-friendly product you just can’t live without? Please leave a note in the comments, and share if you found the article useful.

Much love,