Practice body gratitude

Hey babe, I am writing today about a topic that is super important to me: How often do you stop and think about all of the great things that your body lets you do? Most of us are so caught up in negative body thoughts that we forget to practice body gratitude. I am writing just as much as a reminder to myself.

According to studies, gratitude is a super important way to boost your mood and feel more positive and satisfied about life, and it can even improve your physical and mental health. When it’s focused on your body, gratitude is a great way to help you to feel more positive about your body. Think of it like this – if you’re busy having positive thoughts about your body, there’s a lot less room for negative ones! As a bonus, you’ll get used to thinking about your body in terms of what it does and not just how it looks. 

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Cultivating Body Gratitude

Cultivating gratitude for your body isn’t always easy to do, especially if you’ve been struggling with negative body image. For example, I used to obsess about my tummy after two caesareans. While I lost the weight elsewhere on my body, my stomach resisted so much due to diastasis recti (Katy Bowman has an excellent book that helped me get rid of it – I cannot recommend it highly enough!).

However, before I got my hands on Katys book, I needed to shift my focus. No matter how much my husband told me I was beautiful and it didn’t matter, I OBSESSED over it. After starting with yoga, I gradually became amazed by my body. I learned to accept however far I got in the poses, and along the way, I learned to accept my body, full stop – tummy and all. Body gratitude is by far, one of the most important gifts I have gotten from my yoga practice until now.

When I started loving my body more, I also started caring more for my body by giving it nourishing food, exercise, and resting it when tired. You’ve maybe heard this one before, but we humans are basically houseplants with complicated emotions. We need sunlight, water, and a little love to survive.

Body Gratitude Affirmations

I expanded on these thoughts and come up with a few gratitude phrases. I have included them in the daily gratitude list that I write with my kids every morning. Oh, do you have grumpy kids in the morning? Yeah, me too. However, talking about all the things we are grateful for has really changed our morning routines!). Anyway, back to body gratitude: Have a think about what your body does for you on a day-to-day basis. A few examples may include:

  • “I’m grateful for my feet for getting me to where I need to go.”
  • “I thank you, my body, for serving me today and taking good care of me.”
  • “I will show gratitude to my body by giving it healthy foods to energize and nourish it.”
  • “I am thankful for being able to use my senses to taste my food, hear great music and experience touch.”
  • “I’m grateful for my eyes to be able to see the world around me.”

Getting into the habit of listing at least a few things that you feel grateful for with regards to your body and spend 5-10 minutes each day focusing on what’s so awesome about different parts of your body. Please let me know in the comments if you have other affirmations to share.

Much love,

Eileen xx

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