Signs of a toxic friendship

Surrounding yourself with positive people is super important for your health and happiness. According to research, having supportive friends can even help you to live longer.  Not sure if any of your friendships are not as healthy as they could be? Here are a few signs of a toxic friendship:

  • You come away from them feeling negative about yourself. Sometimes, this can even make you feel physically ill too.
  • You feel that the other person depends on you more than is healthy and it leaves you emotionally drained.
  • You don’t look forward to seeing them and you breathe a big sigh of relief when you can walk away afterward.
  • You don’t get much chance to contribute to conversations and you don’t feel that you’re being listened to when you do.
  • They don’t seem to appreciate your successes (and may be jealous of anything good in your life).
  • You find yourself making excuses not to see them or avoid contact with them – often because of some of the signs that we’ve already discussed.

If you start to recognize the signs of a toxic friendship, how can you go about trying to move away from those friends? The first step is to put some distance between you. It can be as simple as choosing to focus on positive people who lift you up and give you the right kind of energy.

Next step? Stay firm. A toxic friend isn’t likely to walk away without trying to get you back on side and chances are, you’ll have to dodge some initial contact. Hold firm, and there’s less chance that you’ll get sucked in again. It’s easy to feel bitter towards a toxic friend, but this can be super damaging for your wellbeing. A better move? Try to forgive them for not being the friend you needed and take steps to move on from the situation. Best of luck, babe!

Much love,

Eileen xx

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