Discovering your life purpose

Hey babe! Do you feel lost and confused at times? Do you sometimes wonder if this is all there is to life? If you’re used to playing and juggling specific roles in life, it’s easy to act in line with what’s expected of you in these roles, and your life purpose gets lost. Some examples of these roles include being a mother, partner, friend, or employee.

We often redirect our passion and purpose into these roles, but if you’re not tuned into your true purpose in life, there’s a lot of scope for unfulfillment. This is because your purpose has a big part to play in guiding you in life. Experts believe that we’re all born with a purpose; the trick is finding it! This is easy if you have obvious talents that lead you into specific areas in life but what if that’s not the case for you?

Some advice to finding your life purpose

One tip involves things you love to do and that make you happy. Think about things that come really easily to you. For some people, these skills will be enough on their own to guide them in a certain direction but for you, they may just be a starting point for now.

Next, think about the qualities you most enjoy expressing. These tend to be linked to emotions, often tied into how they make other people feel. Once you’ve pinned this down, switch your focus on to how you can make this a reality in the real world.

Is there anything that touches you so deeply that it moves you to act in a certain way? Your life purpose can come from a place of pain, as well as happiness.

Free Self-Discovery Coaching Program

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How much do you really know about yourself? And do you feel like you have a clear purpose in life or do you sometimes find yourself feeling a little bit lost? It can be super easy to get swept along with messages from other people and this drowns out your own voice. Add in the fact that we tend to juggle specific roles in life that can get us stuck in a rut as far as our true self is concerned. Chances are, you may not even be that aware of who you really are, and this can mean you’re more open to being influenced by others and find it harder to follow your own path. 

That is why I have created the Self Discovery Challenge where you’ll discover more about how to break away from this and go on a journey of self-discovery to work out how you are and where you really want to go in life.

With this 5-day challenge that I’m going to share with you, you’ll learn a few tips to get started on this journey.

Comment below with an I’M IN! if you are going to join us and share your experiences. Have you had any previous attempts at trying to unlock your true self or is this a brand new experience for you? I’d love to hear where you’re at before we get going on the challenge. We will talk more when you join this free coaching program!

The Self-Discovery Challenge

How much do you really
know about yourself? And do you feel like you have a clear purpose in life or
do you sometimes find yourself feeling a little bit lost?
Then it is time to join the FREE Self-Discovery coaching program!

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