Dealing with bad body image days

Do you wake up some days and really struggle with positive body image? It’s okay to have bad body image days, especially given that loving your body is a journey and not an end goal. What really matters is how you deal with it.

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Tempting though it may be, don’t reach for your baggiest, most comfortable clothes. They might be the best fit for your mood but they’re not going to help you get through a bad body image day. Go for something that is comfortable but guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself and your body. Pick out a few go-to outfits that always boost your self-esteem and bring them out when you need a body image boost.

Working on your mindset is super important when you’re struggling with your body image. Most of the time, mindset is the main difference between a “good” and “bad” body image. Chances are, your body didn’t change a whole lot in between but something altered in your mind.

How To Handle Bad Body Image Days

Think about what triggered the change in mindset. Are you generally struggling with negative emotions? Did it happen after you went on Instagram (or another social media site)? Did you spend time with negative people who don’t help you to stay positive with your body image? Spend a bit of time thinking about potential triggers and see if there’s something you need to switch up to avoid more bad body image days in the future.

Focusing on your strengths is another good move. Sure, you might not be best friends with your body right now, but there are lots of things you can feel positive about when it comes to your good qualities and skills. Remind yourself of these when bad body image days strike. It can be super helpful to make a list of things that are great about you and come back to when you’re having bad body image days.

Woman training kickoboxing at the beach in the sunset - to illustrate how to kick bad body image days to the curb!
Kick bad body image days to the curb!


With this 5 day challenge, I’m going to share with you this week, you’ll learn all about how to adopt a healthier body image and change your relationship with your body forever. Each day we’ll be introducing a different way to improve your body image and by the end of the week, you’ll hopefully feel a lot more positive and be showing much more love for your body!

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Healthy Body Image Challenge

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