How to shift your mindset with radical acceptance

Do you often find yourself triggered by other people and circumstances? Do you often feel that life is unfair, you wished your life were different, you judge the people around you? You may be powerless to how other people live their lives, but you can shift the way you react to them. Radical acceptance meaning embracing life, people, and situations. That does not mean that you are helpless; however, accepting what you cannot change is vital. Then you can shift your mind and take action on the things you do have the power to change. More often than not, there are many more opportunities out there than you initially thought possible.

The thing is, whenever we are triggered by outside events and other people, it is most likely something within ourselves that are triggered.

Recognizing what is happing inside you, instead of reacting outwards, is key to emotional wellbeing. I used to get triggered by a girl I thought was too much. She was everywhere. She was bold, beautiful, brave – and it triggered something within me. She is a lovely human being, but my own insecurities of not being good enough got triggered so effing much. Once I realized it, I was able to shift and work on those sides of me. Today, she is part of my closest circle!

Instead of moaning that you cannot go hiking because it is pouring down, you go get that raincoat and get out there anyway. Instead of leaning into fear when you have lost your job, have a look at your finances, adjust what you can, and look for a new job – you might find one even better than the old one, or embark on a brand, spanking new, exciting career path instead. Instead of wallowing over being lonely, sign up for new activities, courses, and whatnot, and go meet some amazing humans.

By embracing radical acceptance, you will boost your emotional wellbeing and open up to some kickass adventures.

So far, so good? Awesome. Here are some strategies you adopt today to shift your mind and embrace a whole new way of thinking.

  1. Recognize what you can and cannot change. This is pretty much the process of setting up the foundation for practicing radical acceptance. Accept what you can’t do anything about and take action to change the things you can.
  2. Understand that not accepting situations may lead to long-term suffering. You may get stuck in an endless circle of always feeling like a victim, not a survivor.
  3. Acceptance allows you to step up to your next level.
  4. Acknowledge how your situation and circumstances truly are. How are your finances? Relationships? Health? Family situation? When you can identify and embrace your current circumstances, you can finally take action to resolve conflicts.
  5. Be in the now. You’re not radically accepting your reality if your head is in the past or the future – live in the now to have the power to change the now.
  6. Accept your circumstances without judging them. To truly embrace and accept yourself and your situation, you can’t be the judge. Let go of thoughts of good or bad, positive or negative, critical thinking, and negative thoughts about yourself. Be your own supportive BFF.
  7. That doesn’t mean you have to live give up and accept that this is all there is to life. You’re free to make plans, set goals, and take action however you damn well please.
  8. Accept and yourself fiercely. We’ll all flawed, yet fabulous at the same time. Accept your whole self, down to the very core. If you find it hard to start this process, I would advise you to sign up to the self-discovery challenge I have linked to below.
  9. Look for opportunities. Radical acceptance means taking action to solve problems, not dwell on them. If you accept what’s going on in your life, there is no good reason why you should not get to work.

Radical acceptance is both simple and challenging at the same time. It can be the most natural thing you have ever heard of. You just have to stop being the harsh judge of your life, embrace reality, and do whatever needs to be done.

It can be challenging because not taking action, may seem like the easiest solution. Some people are hooked to the drama they create in their life and in their heads. You risk immobilizing yourself emotionally and mentally and thus falling into the vicious cycle of the victim trap.

Give radical acceptance a go and see what happens – reclaim the power over your own life!

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