What Unicorns Can Teach You About Making Your Life More Magical

You may have seen headlines warning that society is approaching peak unicorn (if you are gasping by the thought of this, then I totally feel you, babe). Yes, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to hold onto your sense of wonder after you’ve posted your last unicorn image on Instagram. Fortunately, there are many ways to feel enchanted even when you’re a grown up with a family and a full-time job. Do you want to infuse your daily life with magic? Then join me, and try these tips for simple changes you can make to create a more magical daily life. 

Change Your Thinking: 

  • Practice optimism. Studies show that optimists earn more money, enjoy better health, and may even live longer. Looking on the bright side is obviously strong magic, and there´s some pretty powerful manifestation and energi techniques going on right here.
  • Focus on gratitude. Being appreciative is also a sure-fire way to experience more happiness and success. Create a gratitude journal and write in it each night before you go to bed with all the wonderful things that happened that day – alternatively, before you start your day in the morning. I personally like to focus on manifestation and what I´m calling in at night before going to sleep (so it´ll have time to sink into my subconscious) and write my gratitude list in the morning. It makes me start my dail with a sense of happiness and thankfullness.
  • Offer forgiveness. Lighten your load by letting go of any past resentments and disappointments. Be sure to pardon yourself as well as others – I cannot stress the last one enough! I have a daily mantra where I look into my eyes in the mirror and say: “I forgive you. I love you.”
  • Build confidence. You can accomplish more when you believe in yourself and your abilities. Challenge your self-imposed limitations and take sensible risks. Adjust your self-talk if you tend to be excessively critical. Whenever negative thought patterns emerge, I stop and think “not useful” and move on. It takes a bit of practice, though. Stomping your foot and holding out your hand creates a stronger impact as you are also using your physical sensens, so experiment and see where it gets you.

Change Your Actions: 

  • Smile more. A pleasant facial expression boosts your mood and makes you more attractive and approachable. You’ll soon collect more things to smile about. Besides, smile at strangers! Not only will you brighten up their day, you´ll be feeling a lot more fuzzy on the inside yourself when people smile back.
  • Slow down. It’s difficult to savor life when you’re in a rush. Lighten your workload by eliminating unnecessary tasks. Take frequent breaks while you’re working so you can refresh your mind and restore your energy. Remember to enjoy the small moments.
  • Play with your children. Believing in magic seems to come naturally when we’re young. Let your children remind you about what it was like to believe in Santa Claus and monsters under the bed. I am continually amazed by the imagination to my little ones. They truly do live in a magical world.
  • Connect with nature. Scenic beauty and time spent outdoors can also make you marvel at the world. Start a vegetable garden or go hiking on weekends. I strive to spend at least one hour outdoors every day. Sure, I do have very active dogs that´ll start tearing down the house if I don´t, but sometimes we need an extra push to get outside. If you don´t have four-legged companion, see if you can team up with a friend and hold each other accountable.
  • Dress up. Making over your external appearance can affect your inner being. See how differently you feel when you wear a new coat or get a flattering haircut. I always indulge myself and find extra moments of joy by wearing whatever I feel like. I´ll put on sexy underwear on a normal day or a beautiful dress when I´m going grocery shopping – simply because it makes me feel amazing. And yes please to more amazingness, right!
  • Add color. Yellow may be the color most closely associated with happiness, but any hue you like can have a positive psychological impact. Paint your kitchen green or buy a purple plant for your desk. Hang some colorful pictures on the wall. Wear colorful clothes. If you don´t want to experiment with your wardrobe, what about colorful nail polish instead?
  • Listen to music. A cheerful song can transform your day. Put together a high-vibe playlist that will make exercising and housework seem like fun. I make a point of dancing five minutes every day, be it on the kitchen floor with my kids or even in the shower. Hey, you cannot mock the power of singing and dancing in the shower.
  • Give generously. Sharing your time, talents, and resources with others makes you feel like you have more than when you started. Volunteer in your community and give others presents even when there’s no special occasion. It might also be smaller gestures as getting your loved one breakfast in bed by suprose or lighting some candles and make their favorite meal.
  • Continue learning. Acquiring new knowledge and skills shows you how vast your potential to grow is. Sign up for adult education classes at a local university or take a course online. I am personally a big big fan of Skillshare. You´ll find everything creative and fun there, such as writing classes, photography, marketing, social media, design, illustration … You name it. If you use my link, you get an extra free month – in addition to two free trial months – once you´ve made your first payment.
  • Travel somewhere. Plan an exotic vacation or explore an unfamiliar neighborhood closer to home. Travel can be expanding without being expensive. I love being a tourist in my own city. I go exploring with an open mind, and try to see everything with new eyes. Besides, there are still lots of local pearls I havent visited yet – what about you? Have you explored every exciting spot in your area?
  • Do something new. Any variation in your routine can pull you out of a rut and stimulate your senses. Spend this weekend doing something you’ve been wanting to try, like baking sourdough bread or playing pickleball – whatever tickles your fancy.

Mythical white horses don’t have a monopoly on magic. While Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos were only around for a few days, you can cultivate a sense of wonder that lasts for a lifetime. Take the time to notice the small miracles that happen each day and surround yourself with love and support. I would love to hear how it goes, so feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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