3 Smart Business Investments You’re Probably Not Making

Alternatively phrased, 3 smart business investments you should consider making.

I get it. You’re a solo-preneur.

You’re proud of the fact that you’ve bootstrapped your business from the ground up, tackling every task that comes your way. You built your first website, dove in and learned how to edit and upload videos to YouTube, figured out how to format your email newsletter, and even wrestled your shopping cart into submission.

But that feeling of pride that comes from doing the work yourself comes with a price. Too many small business owners are working too many hours, suffering from burnout and frustration—not because they’re not good at what they do, but simply because they’re unwilling to truly invest in their business.

They’re letting a scarcity mindset prevent them from taking the steps—and making the necessary business investments—that will have a massive impact on their finances. And maybe you are, too.

Investing Incrementally

I´ve experienced and known this first hand. The first few years in business I did everything myself and was afraid to make the investments to take me to the next level. Not suprisingly, I was completely stuck and made no progression, working long hours. Not to mention that I had the time management skills of a carrot, meaning I´d sit 12+ hours a day doing something I should´ve planned out at the beginning of the week.

For some new entrepreneurs – me included when I first started out – investing incrementally was important to me. I couldn´t afford outsourcing to a real human in the beginning, but I started by investing in more affordable tools and software that could do the heavy lifting for me. I couldn´t afford a coach neither, but I started with low-pay membership groups for entrepreneurs and built my way up as my business progressed.

I have listed some cheap tools that made my life much easier under the next section, “Outsourcing”.

The important part is to look for what kind of help you may need at the moment, and finding some support for it. If you´re running a business while running a home at the sime time, sometimes outsourcing could simply mean finding a babysitter or getting help to clean the house so you can free up time do client work.

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By far the biggest objection to outsourcing you’ll hear is “I can’t afford it.” Perhaps you’ve heard—or even said it. But the fact is, if you’re a serious business owner, you can’t afford not to outsource.

The time you free up by not doing those mundane, everyday tasks is time you’ll spend more profitably, by:

  • Creating new coaching programs, courses, services, or digital products.
  • Upping your content marketing game.
  • Recording video and audio content.
  • Connecting with your audience through email and blogging.
  • Working with clients either one on one or in a group setting.
  • Or just enjoying your life!

Social media was one of the first things I outsourced, meaning that I got myself some software and planners to help the process. I prefer writing all my posts on my own, since writing is my jam – but that doesn´t mean I can´t make it easier. If you want some help but can´t afford a VA, please consider this:

  • Social media content planners to get your inspiration going when you feel stuck. I use the one I´ve linked to above and absolutely looooove it!
  • Software to schedule posts: I use Tailwind for Pinterest and Later for IG, Twitter, and Facebook. With my content planner at hand, I can whip out a month´s worth of content in a couple of hours. Then I simply post extra when I feel inspired and go in to reply to comments & connect with people. It saves me so much time, compared to creating and writing posts on the go.
  • Time management tools such as Asana and Trello. I plan my days down to a tee and cut out/outsource anything that is not important. I also write down important deadlines. I don´t have to stress over remembering everything and my days are mapped out for me. I can simply sit my cute little butt in front of the PC, open Asana, and see exactly what I´m to do that day.
  • Tools to book calls. I prefer Calendly, and it intregrates with my calender so everything is streamlined.
  • E-mail automation tools is an absolute must-have! When clients book calls or buy one of my courses, everything they need is sent directly to them. I don´t have to go in and do anything manual, except show up and serve them.

Outsourcing should never be looked at as an expense. In fact, if you’re not getting a return on your outsourcing investment, take a hard look at what you’re outsourcing and to whom, because there is likely plenty of room for improvement.


Most online business owners start out using low-cost tools with limited features. For example, you might be using PayPal exclusively for product sales, and manually adding buyers to your mailing list each time you receive a payment. While that’s an acceptable solution when time is easier to come by than money, you’ll quickly outgrow it. The problem is, too many entrepreneurs fail to recognize the benefits of true automation.

Not only is trying to “make do” with a pieced-together system costing you sales, but it costs actual dollars, too. You (or your VA) will spend extra time simply getting it all to work, rather than letting the tools do the heavy lifting.

Recognize when it’s time to uplevel your marketing tools to include true funnel automation, and watch your income increase dramatically! Hit the link to really dive into automation and funnel building – the topic is so exciting by itself, I´ve made a whole new blog posts to give you all the goodies you need to start building and growing!


It is possible to build your business solely on your own. You can pay attention to what others are doing and reverse engineer their systems. You can read books and blogs and maybe invest in a few carefully chosen training programs.

But there will come a time when your growth will flat line, and you’ll struggle to reach that next level. That’s when it’s time to invest in coaching. And yes, even coaches have (and need) coaches. A coach can help you see past your own blind spots, work through the blocks that are holding you back, and build a business you love—on your own terms.

I say this lovingly and from my own experience. I couldn´t afford a coach in the beginning, however, I found reasonable membership groups with live group calls. They helped me tremendously in the beginning. After a while, I started upgrading by enrolling in coaching programs in much smaller groups, allowing me to get valuable coaching.

Once I started working on my mindset for real and got support in growing my business, I tripled my rates as a freelancer, started upping my game, and attract clients that were a pleasure to work with. Although I could have done it myself in theory, I know that I wouldn´t have. A coach gave me accountability and the possibility to really discuss and talk things through. I don´t know about you, but I don´t have many people in real life that could give me the same value of business support.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business. Wise investments such as coaching, automation, and outsourcing will pay for themselves many times over.

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