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How to Find Your Irresistible Press Release Hook

Stand out from the noise with a press release hook the journalists will love

Keen on getting media attention and find your irresistible press release hook?

You already know that a strong foundation is key to being ready for media attention. At a minimum, you’ll need:

  • Professional headshots. Give your friends in the media easy access to your preferred images. Otherwise, you might just find a 6-year old Facebook “selfie” on the cover of Time. Yikes!
  • Well-worded, professionally edited bios. Again, give journalists and others access to the bios you want them to use. If you don’t, you have no one to blame but yourself when what’s printed is less than flattering.
  • Accurate, up-to-date contact info. News happens fast. When a journalist comes looking for a quote, they don’t have time to troubleshoot a typo in your email address. They’ll just move on to the next expert in their contact list.

But now that you’re ready for the attention, what does it really take to get it?

Simple—you just have to have a “hook.”

Your hook is nothing more than your unique area of expertise. What do you do and know better than anyone else? Because let’s face it, the world is full of “business coaches.”

You have to have something that sets you apart and allows you to make the most of the right opportunities when they come your way.

For a business coach who helps burned-out corporate types transition into self-employment, a looming recession offers a golden opportunity to earn some well-deserved press.

What natural press release hook does your area of expertise present to you?

Make it a habit to pay attention to current events and consider how each happening ties into your business. What potential for publicity might there be?

Don’t limit yourself to current events though. Take a look at holidays and awareness days as well.

There are often opportunities to be seen in conjunction with events. For example, Eat Your Vegetable Day (June 17), World Productivity Day (June 20), or Buy a Book Day (September 7).

Being an expert in your niche—and always being ready for an interview or to provide a snappy quote—can quickly propel you to the national stage. It’s simply a case of being in the right place at the right time with the right press release hook.

You just have to be prepared for your moment of fame.

Subtle Clues That Show Off Your Expertise

Alright, so you’ve attracted attention with your irresistible press release hook. But now what?

You might be the most brilliant financial advisor a work-at-home mom has ever hired, but how will your market know it?

Do you blog about investing?

Do you share tax tips with your social media followers?

Do you offer free advice in a select group of private forums?

Of course you do. But that’s not enough.

In order to be seen as the expert you are—especially by the media you’re trying to woo—you have to dig deeper, and not just with your content and advice.

You have to also “look the part”.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on professional headshots (although you should have a selection of high-resolution photos available). But it does mean you need a clear, quality brand.

Get a Professional Website Makeover

Your website and blog are often the first thing a reporter, producer or other media pro is going to see. What story does yours tell?

If your site is old, and still sports that logo you created in PowerPoint, it might be time for a makeover.

Just as you can’t command top dollar as a coach if you’re still “making do” with a free Wix website, you won’t attract the attention of top media outlets if you don’t look the part of an expert. Invest in:

  • A quality theme or—if you can swing it—a custom branded website.
  • A professionally designed logo.
  • A well-written media page featuring several high-resolution headshots.

With these pieces in place, any media pro will instantly know he or she is in the right place.

Invest in Writers and Editors for a Polished Story: Just the Press Release Hook is Not Enough

Even an active, engaging press release filled with great advice will look unprofessional if it’s riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

We’re not all natural-born writers. If you struggle to convey your message in text, invest in a great writer or editor.

He or she will make you look like the expert you are, leaving no doubt about your suitability for a media outlet’s audience.

When it comes to gaining the media attention you deserve, it pays to take a look at your business from an outsider’s perspective.

Are you presenting yourself in the most professional light? Does your message match your branding?

When you get this right, while flaunting your irresistible press release hook, the media will flock to you, rather than you chasing them.

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