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You're ready to become the go-to brand or an industry leader. You want to reach the masses with your message; you just need a hand getting your name out there.

You are committed to getting your vision and mission out into the world. You're enjoying the success you're already experiencing, but you know your work can create so much change in the world if you go bigger.

You are looking to grow and scale, but you want expert support while doing it. You see the value of outsourcing and getting professional help, rather than bootstrapping and hustling on your own.

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No matter what stage you're at, media and PR can help you grow your audience, get more clients, and create a bigger impact with your work. Your story matters, so let's get it out there.

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We provide all the content you need to rank on Google and get more traffic using blog posts. Blogs are crucial to showcasing your work, while generating leads and clients.


Do you want scroll-stopping blog posts that are designed to convert, build connection, and spark engagement? Uhm, yes please!

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I combine 13+ years as a journalist with copywriting to help purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs create impact and income.

My team provides a wide range of services from PR pitch campaigns to social media management. We've also got expert US native writers who are ready to draw in leads to your business with killer SEO blog posts.

I believe that the work of purpose-driven folks have the power to shift communities and the world around them; that is why I've dedicated my work to amplify your work.

Are you curious what we can do for you? Then let's book a discovery call.

Founder of Rebel, retold pr & marketing: the go-to agency for brands wanting impact and income

I'm Eileen

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