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How to Read a Human Design Chart

So your Human Design chart is your road map to life success, but how do you actually read it?

Here’s a very quick & dirty run-down. I’ll be adding more resources that go in-depth on each part, so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to keep yourself updated.

How to read your Human Design chart

Type & Strategy: We’ve already covered this part in the free Type & Strategy report. Go get it and read if you haven’t done so already before you go any further!

Authority: This your decision-making tool. For example, if you have an emotional authority you need to feel every decision through your emotional wave. 

If you have a splenic authority, you’ll want to follow your intuition for decisions. If you have a Sacral authority, you respond to your gut feeling in the moment.

Ego- and self-authorities need to follow their heart or talk things through with others for greater clarity (but not for asking advice!). 

Mental authorities need to talk to others to get clarity, but not to ask advice. 

You’re talking things through to see how it feels in your body.

Lunar authority: You need to wait a moon cycle to be certain that you’re making the right decision.

Profile and lines: Imagine your life is a video game. Your profile says something about the character you’re there to play, for example role model, networker, researcher, mentor, etc.

Incarnation cross: What you are here to do in this lifetime, what gifts you are meant to bring to the world. The incarnation cross consists of the top four Gates of your chart.

Gates: These are the numbers dotted around your chart. You’ll also find them going down a line next to the body graph. The Gates says something about what drives you, what you are here to learn, messages you are here to communicate, spiritual life theme, what needs healing, etc.

Sticking with the video game metaphor, they set up the actual game you are here to play in life.

If there is a whole line going between the Gates, it means they form a channel and add an extra superpower.

Energy Centers in Human Design

The centers say something about how you access different. If the centers are colored in, you have consistent access. 

For example, a colored-in emotional center means you are always riding an emotional wave, going up or down without there being any meaning to it. You are literally designed to flow through feelings.

If the center is white, it means you do not have consistent access. Instead, you take in other people’s energies and amplify them; think of it like being an empath for that specific energy.

Let’s stick to the example of emotional center. If this is white, then it means it’s undefined and you’re constantly mirroring the feelings of those around you. 

  • There are more to your chart than this, for example: 
  • How you digest food and life
  • What environment’s most healthy for you
  • How you need to structure your days
  • How you think and learn the best
  • What motivates you
  • How to manifest by Design
  • … and much more, but that’s all for now!

There’s plenty of free information on the internet, so have your chart at hand and search up the bits that are relevant to you.

Or you can book a reading and have me lay it all out for you by clicking here.

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