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The Power of Visibility:
Your Work Can Change the World

(but first people have to see you!)

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if you yes to any or all of the above, you are in the right place!

You want to get published and increase your visibility, but you need a hand finding your voice, brand message and soul-stirring stories. Let's transform your magic into words that grab attention from the get-go.

You've got a big vision and you want to share your message with the masses. You just need a hand publishing it on authority sites, getting on podcasts, and sending out press releases.

You know you can change the world with your work, but your visibility wounds are keeping you in a tight rein. And that's not on you, boo! Not feeling good enough and playing small are cultural wounds. Let's reconnect to your inner power for outer impact.

Do any or all of the following thoughts resonate with you?

about my process

Feel safe to be seen as unapologetically you and reconnect to your inner voice & power for outer impact.

Working together, we'll do the following...

inner power, outer impact

We all have stories to share and gifts to give to the world. I'll help you tease out your soul-stirring story and uncopyable brand message.

find your soul-stirring story

I'll help you get published on authority sites and send out press releases to journalists, newswires, and influencers in your niche.

share your work with the world

let's work together

I combine my 13+ years as a journalist with visibility coaching to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs feel confident to be seen and share their voice.

My services vary from 1:1 coaching to publicity packages where we send your story powerfully out into the Digital Universe.

Together we'll shift self-doubt so that you'll feel safe to express yourself fully through your work, while showing up for your people.

I believe that the work of purpose-driven folks have the power to shift communities and the world around them; that is why I've dedicated my work to amplify your work.

Brand journalist and story coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

I'm Eileen

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