My special gift is helping people connect to their inner power and create calm in chaos, so that they can powerfully live out their life purpose and show up for their people in full alignment.

I'm a certified Human Design Guide with 13+ years in marketing and entrepreneurship behind me. I've blazed my own trails in life and I'm here to help you do the same.

I use Human Design to help people create an energetically and emotionally aligned lifestyle by reconnecting you with your inner voice and power.

I believe that the work of purpose-driven folks who live soul-aligned lives have the power to shift communities and the world around them; that is why I've dedicated my work to help you come home to your soul.

I'm Eileen, your new Human Design Guide

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Bulletproof coffees daily to fuel my creativity & drive - no matter the circumstance!


Kids that inspired me to start my business so I could stay home with them, becoming a work-at-home mama.


Dogs that I go hiking with in nature every single day to stay sane.


People served in my one-of-a-kind Human Design sessions (and growing, as I probably will forget to update this box).


Degrees & Certifications in areas such as journalism, coaching, copywriting, and Human Design.



Listening to music

essential oils

hiking with dogs

wearing yoga pants

dark chocolate


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Behind the Scenes

a peek at who i am

eileen ystheim

"Let's do business for the people and the planet"

I had a successful career as a journalist, PR manager, and board secretary on the outside, but inside I felt disconnected and frustrated with corporate sexism, bullying, and leaders who placed profit over people.

Exhaustionism and burn out forced me to resign and go on a long healing journey to find myself, heal deeply, and free myself from toxic productivity culture.

My journey brought me down a long road, and I have gathered tools such as trauma-informed coaching and Human Design certifications along the way. 

By living a deeply aligned life, I get to show up fully for my family and run a successful business from home. But most importantly of all, I tapped into my inner voice, strength, and creative powers.

Are you ready to start your journey?

I'm passionate about emotional & energetic alignment.