Copywriting with a professional touch

Are you in need of a freelance writer and content creator? Do you need texts that grab the reader from the get-go? I am a travel, adventure, and environmental writer, here to help you at every step in the process.

Please have a look at my online portfolio here.

You have a message to convey, and I have the words to bring out your unique voice — in a clear, engaging way that is true to your brand. Ever since I could remember, I have been fascinated by words: how to string them together, examining their every detail, playing around until all the pieces fit.

If you want to capture the attention of your audience, but don’t know how – I am here to help and to make your life easier by offering the following services in English and Norwegian:

• Presentations
• Articles​
• Press Releases
• Social Media and Blog Posts
• Website Content

We are a perfect match if you are a creative, entrepreneur, non-profit, run a business​ or a blog. Feel free to unload all your thoughts, ideas, needs, and inspiration. I will craft all the small fragments into content that will engage your audience from the get-go. I specialize in following niches:

• Marketing
• Writing
• Nonprofits
• Environment
• Health and Fitness
• Travel

I have a Bachelor in Journalism and Master degree in Norse studies. I am proud to note many years worth of work experience:

• Local journalist
• Press officer for a nonprofit
• Freelance copywriter since 2016

If you are looking for a professional and, punctual copywriter that’ll go the extra mile, contact me straight away, ​and we can discuss your needs further.