It's about finding your way back home to your power in a world that tries to dim your light.

It's Not About Becoming Some "Better" Version Of You.

Sound like you? Then read on, boo!

Human Design lets you peel back all the layers of how you "should" be, so you can become who you are.

Tired of not fully trusting yourself

Human Design is a powerful navigation tool that'll guide you through big and small decisions, so you can make deeply aligned choices that comes from soul.

Ready to shed the "gunk"

No matter how much personal development we do, something feels off because their solutions is not your solutions.

Fed up with all the "gurus"

tell me i'm wrong and you're not feeling ...

Your Human Design chart is your soul's blueprint. It shows you how to find your way home to who you truly are, so you can let go of all the gunk and "should's" that gets thrown on you from other people and the society.

Instead of always searching outside ourselves for answers or solutions, Human Design shows you how tap back into your power, strength, and inner voice.

It's time to become who you're born to be, not who you're told to be

I have an innate talent for breaking down and de-coding Human Design charts, and channel the knowledge into actionable and understandable steps.

I won't throw a bunch of complicated terms on you and run. No, I'll show you how to live your Design in a way that's specifically tailored to your desires, needs, and wants.

My sessions incorporate healing and embodiment techniques so you can embody your chart immediately

The gates reveal your soul's mission, your spiritual purpose, what messages you are here to share, soul conundrums you are here to learn from, and so much more.

the gates (planets)


Tap into the strengths and wisdom of your energy centers, both the undefined and the defined centers. The centers are crucial for mastering your energy and live in energetic alignment.

energy centers


Learn how to live your Human Design type, strategy, and authority in all areas of your life. We can tailor the session to career, business, relationships, family life, or life in general.

type and authority


Depending on your needs and current knowledge, we can cover the following:

- Paula bailey

I loved my HD reading with Eileen. So much made sense! I found myself nodding the whole way through!


We're overwhelmed with all the noise from society: How we should act, how our relationships should look like, how our careers should be... Human Design helps you trust yourself and your choices again.

You have the same lessons showing up repeatedly in your life, but how to move past them? Your Human Design reveals your soul's conundrums and helps you grow from them.

The career and business strategies that worked for Successful Susan won't work for you. Why? Because you're Designed differently. Instead, create a career and business that's aligned to you.

Right this minute, you can probably to relate to the following:

No more second-guessing yourself and falling for fake guru advice; you've unlocked your innate power.

Manifest a life and business that you actually desire, instead of doing what you think you "should" do.

You show up confidently in the world by knowing your purpose, your strengths, and your innate gifts.

You've kicked burnout and exhaustion in the butt by living in alignment with your energy.

It's time to change that and get you feeling like...

heather hartman

If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!

After healing my own childhood trauma, embracing my mental health journey, and struggling with a world where I didn't quite fit in, I felt called to bring my work to the world.

I combine a variety of modalities to make sure you find YOUR path to healing and power. There's no short cuts, no magic blueprints, or one-size-fits-all approach.

By healing ourselves, we are healing past and future generations.

I'm Eileen, certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and crazy cat lady.

hey there!

Ready to get started?

I will make a video recording while reading your chart and email you the reading within 10 working days.

delivery time


After you've filled out the form, you'll be redirected to a payment page. You have to complete your payment to get your reading.

fill out a form


book your reading

You'll be taken to an online form. I need you to fill out some basic information that allows me to read your chart. This is also your chance to tell me more about what answers you're seeking.


What's my process? It's simple.



personal recorded reading

Let's book your Human Design reading

ready to make a move?

There's so many layers to our chart. If you've already had a sessions elsewhere but want more, then let me know your current experience. That way, I can tailor the session to where you're at.

what if i've already had a reading?

Yes! Sadly, so many students of mine have said that other Human Design teachers just threw some technical terms and dry knowledge at them. I'll help you actually live your Design and make use of what you're learning.

will you give me examples on what to do with the knowledge?

Yes, you can upgrade and get Voxer coaching from me if you want. I will give you more information in your actual reading, so you can decide then.

can i upgrade and get more support?

Of course, and I'll deduct what you've already paid. That way, the one-off session will count as one of the bundle sessions. You won't have to pay more and you get the chance to sample my reading before committing for a longer time-period.

Can i upgrade to the bundle sessions later?

I'll run your chart at different times of the day. Usually most of your chart will stay the same, and my reading will be based on those specific parts. You'll still be able to walk away with insightful and implementable knowledge.

what if I don't know my date of birth?

There's a lot of information to be covered in just one session. Therefore, I make a video of me reading your chart and email it to you, so you can listen at your own pace and whenever needed.

what do you mean pre-recorded?

Have Questions? I've got answers.

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