coaching for the rebels

You're done "should-ing" all over your marketing and you're ready to ditch the entrepreneurial rule book. it's time to cut through the marketing noise and reconnect to your inner power for outer impact.

3-month long 1:1 coaching package for coaches & creative rebels with a cause

by Eileen Ystheim

Rebel. Retold.

It's hard to play big with worthiness and visibility wounds keeping you in a tight rein.

yet you feel the resistance and boredom, whenever you're about to play it safe and hit publish on that cookie-cutter Instagram post.

that's because you're designed powerful and your work can change the world. so let's unleash your vision, mission, and badassery together.

are you bored by your business yet?

Take a breath while I ask

we'll bare it all

Now that you're clear on your story and your vision, you'll learn how to retell your messages in a way that the world can't help but listen. You'll be armed with a marketing plan, copy frameworks, pitching plans, and publication contact details.

send your voice powerfully out into the digital universe.

Together, we'll explore your life story, messaging, and your work through your Human Design. You'll re-write your narrative in a new, more empowering way that'll create waves and ripples when you unleash it to the world.

month 2: your story, retold.

It's time to do business and marketing in a way that's aligned to your energy and strengths. We'll spring clean your business so you're only left with the action steps that bring you closer to your vision.

Without the noise from those wheels you're spinning, you'll be able to  reconnect to your inner voice for outer impact.

month 1: from force to flow.

The era of fake business gurus has come to an end. you want a business that's a true expression of you, not a replica of someone else's.

my 1:1 coaching package is designed for disrupters who want to own their message and embody their work so deep that their mission becomes unf*ckwithable.

feel trapped in the world of online marketing? let's break free together.

it's time to become who you're born to be, not who you're told to be.

the world needs your work.

The world is ready for you

inner power, outer impact

You get three monthly calls, daily voxer access to me, and embodiment tools, journal prompts, and affirmations to deeply anchor in your new empowered story.

by the end, you'll have a strong brand story, a marketing plan, audience clarity, a personal pitching template, an overview of stories to pitch, and a contact list to publications and podcasts.

rebel, your story is waiting to be retold.

by Eileen Ystheim

rebel, retold.


That's not all, when you SIGN UP FOR the marketing package you'll also receive these bonuses:

You get access to me on Voxer Mon-Fri during our time together +  a 20-minute follow-up call that you can book any time for the following 3 months.

voxer and follow-up call

ongoing support


Now that you've peeled back all the layers and retold your narrative, it's time to transform it all into a powerful brand story that you can use as a foundation for all your content, offers, and body of work.

Last, but not least, we'll find the best stories to pitch, before pitching you to podcasts and online publications for maximum exposure.

inner power, outer impact

let's get visible


Your Gates in Human Design tells you about the work you're Designed to do, what messages you're born to share, what drives you, what challenges that'll spur your growth, and so much more.

We'll explore how the themes show up in your life and business, and retell your story so you can become a living embodiment of the work you want to bring to the world.

rewrite your narrative

rebel, retold:
the work.


Your Human Design is kinda like your energetic DNA. Aligning with your Human Design let's you go from force to flow and create more with less hustle.

We'll zero in on what's making you money, what's burning you out, and what lights you up from the inside to create a pleasure-based business that won't bore you.

spring clean your business

Business by


take a look at the four-part coaching package

extra support for the brave

valued at $199

Get my complete brand storytelling course for daring entrepreneurs.

Brand story course

valued at $100

Learn how to write converting and soul-stirring copy across all platforms

little black book of copy

valued at $49

Swipe my copy templates, frameworks, and worksheets.

Done-For-You copy Vault


A cashflow friendly payment plan.




My best price.


one-time payment of

best value

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erin wilson after a human design marketing consultation

“A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others... Thank you.".”

Those who were courageous say 

I help my clients reconnect to their inner voice & power, find their magnetic marketing messages, become visible AF, and go from force to creative flow.

Together we'll shift self-doubt so that you'll feel safe to express yourself fully through your work and serve your people powerfully.

I combine my 13+ years as a journalist with Human design, copywriting and coaching to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs get visible.

Hi, I'm eileen.

meet your brand journalist

a mastermind like no other

i won't love you and leave you between our calls. you get voxer support as you implement your content + a 20 minute follow-up call.

unfiltered advice and support via voxer voice messaging. limitless questions to ask.

It's all in the details: when you can speak clearly to your audience in a way that makes them feel seen and valued, you'll cut through the noise and call in your people.

speak straight to your client's soul with no-fluff, impact-driven content

we've all got our unique strategies for success with gifts that set us apart. i'll tease it out from your human design to make sure you've got an uncopiable message.

human design shows who you're born to be and your innate power; let it shine in your content

Your born powerful; let it be seen

Your vision can change the world and create ripples of transformation. that's why i've dedicated my work to amplify your work.

reserved for purpose-driven folks

New entrepreneurs without a budget. You should have some money and clients already.

People who aren't into Human Design. No shame in that; HD is a tool, and we all know that we've to find the right tools for us as individuals.

Business owners who don't want exposure by retelling their stories or lived experiences. I get it. It's not for everyone.

rebel, retold isn't right for:

You've already had some success, and you feel ready to step it up a notch and amplify your authority.

You're passionate about your vision. It's more than just a business: it's a calling that you just can't keep hidden anymore.

You want to your marketing to be a true expression of you by aligning with your human design. We'll create a brand story and brand messages that truly reflects your power, purpose, and passion.

Rebel, retold is perfect if:

Discover if this package is right for you

rachel symington promoted the hell out of her new podcast with a funnel to her paid services, without lifting a finger herself

paal soberg got to seo optimize his website with articles calling in more clients for his consultations

fineshelf got massive media exposure and their content right in front of their ideal clients

erin wilson learned how to embody her work in an effortless way, aligning her marketing with human design

the results speak for themselves:

fineshelf, online store

“eileen helped us put our brand into words and publish our first pr article in norway! we couldn't have asked for more”

wanted press releases

copywriting client

paal soberg, ecommerce consultant

“i've worked with eileen a while now, and the quality of content she produces is fantastic”

rachel symington, business coach

"Your work honestly blew me away. How effortless and painless you made it in my part.
How you truly embodied my language and sassiness from the podcast and made it into written content.
Gave me everything I could possibly need to share the hell out of it (which is happening). And you even funneled the readers into my services!
Can’t brag on you enough!."

content creation client

praise from copywriting clients

the time is now

Imagine showing up confidently, knowing that you fully embody the work and the vision you want to bring to the world?

How would it feel to have a purpose-driven business that lights you up from the inside?

You can have all that and more. Rebel, retold is waiting for you.

How would it feel to show up powerfully every day, knowing your messaging attracts the right clients?

let's make impact & income

A cashflow friendly payment plan.




Best price.


one-time payment of

best value

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