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Are you ready to catapult your visibility and get more eyes on your business? I help purpose-driven businesses get in front of the right audience, while showcasing their expertise with copy & content. You can either contact me with details for your specific project, or browse my package deals below for inspiration.

Let your marketing be a true expression of you

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I craft persuasive web copy, emails, articles, and newsletters that sells with integrity and showcases your expertise, based on your Human Design. My copy is written through the lens of conscious marketing: Let's do business for the people and the planet, by creating prosperity in a way for ALL to thrive.

By fusing your marketing with your Human Design, you create content and work that are uncopyable: You are born with work to do and a message to share in a unique way that's deeply coded in your chart.

I'm a copywriter with a professional and an academic background in journalism and press relations, in addition to being a certified Human Design Guide & Soulful Strategist with certifications in trauma-informed coaching. I combine my unique background to create conscious, but compelling copy that builds trust with your audience.

Although Human Design and conscious, people-centered copywriting are my main ingredients, my secret sauce is compelling brand storytelling that makes your customers the heroes of your story—toppled with the extra spice of organic SEO traffic.

Copy & Content by Design

do you want a business that's a true expression of you?

paal solberg, think commerce

"I’ve worked with Eileen for a while now, and the quality of the content she produces is fantastic. Eileen is always thorough in her research on topics I send over to her, and as a result, I rarely ask for changes."

"She’s highly dependable and provides content on time, as well as excellent working with an ongoing content plan. Eileen is our regular content writer, and I can thoroughly recommend her to any businesses in the Nordics and abroad."

paula bailey, business coach

“It helped me to understand myself as a woman and business leader and has had a profound effect on my certainty in leading my team and business into the future."

"I loved my HD reading with Eileen. So much made sense! I found myself nodding the whole way through!"

Georg dalen, fineshelf

“Eileen helped us putting our brand into words and with getting our first PR article published in Norway. Couldn’t have asked for more, thank you Eileen!”

Do you want to get published in authority sites? Hire me.

I offer monthly blog packages with articles, newsletters, and social media posts that catapults your visibility, optimized for sales & SEO, and saves you precious time that you can spend on your clients instead. A Human Design marketing analysis is included, so we can make your content magnetic with Human Design. Total price depends on how much content you need. Price from $1000 per month, discount for 3-month commitment

visible by design: guest posting, socials, and newsletters

Your Human Design reveals what work you are here to do and what messages you are here to share. Create your uncopyable message and call in your people by making sure your web copy is a true reflection of you. Book a call to explore how we can transform your web copy, sales pages, and emails by Design. Pricing depends on the scope of the project.

web copy & emails + Human design marketing analysis

Pricing depends on the scope of the project. Please browse your options:

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