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TAGLINE: You. Powerfully Designed.

You are powerfully designed, and you’ve got what it takes to create an impact. However, sometimes we all might need a little help to let our power show. That is where I come in. I empower leaders and professionals to reach their career and life goals while positively making an impact on the society and organizations they belong to.

Though I have vast experience as a leader, it’s business coaching that makes me tick. I have been fast-tracked to up the ranks in Corporate America for most of my professional life; however, my true passion lies within business and leadership coaching. I genuinely believe we all have the power to craft our own life experience, build a successful business, and thrive in any organization. My role here is to help you shift your thinking and discover the tools that will allow you to prosper.

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You are powerfully designed and fully capable of making a lasting impact on your career and life. I am here to shine a light on your strengths, help you grow your business, and create actionable goals.


Meet Rae

Hello, I’m Rae, and I am here to bring out all your power so you may achieve the goals you set for yourself. Build a successful business, be a strong leader in your organization, or create your own path, while maintaining a thriving personal life – I can help you achieve all this and more. I genuinely believe we all have what it takes to succeed, and that you have the power within you to blaze your own trails in life.

Being a fellow Devil myself, my greatest example of being a coach is Coach K. The legendary coach has inspired thousands of people. Failure was never an option for him. Let me tell you a story about what happened to the 2015 National Champion team. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team was down to only eight players. Coach K told the disheartened men that not only was eight players more than enough, but the number itself is never-ending. Drawn sideways, the number eight is infinite.

He went on to persuade everyone on the team to believe they were important and strongly connected with one another, and that every one of them mattered – in fact, the number eight should be their mantra. Not only did they win that day, but the eight-man drew eight straight points – the very same man who averaged eight minutes a game.

You see, a coach is someone that pushes you beyond what you think you can do. Even when you initially believe that the numbers are against you, a coach makes you believe in your own power. A coach will help you uncover your potential and achieve your goals. Just as good leaders get the best out of their team and employees, a coach gets the best out of your leadership skills to further advance your business.

Sometimes we can get a little stuck and need someone to help us shift the obstacles that hinder our path. I thrive when you break through the mental blocks that stand in your way to success, and I am here to show you that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the right tools at hand.

During my years as a leader, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, specializing in coaching, leadership development, talent management, building effective teams, and engaging employees. Click here to read more about my work experience.

You. Powerfully Designed

Please take a moment and consider this question: Are you going through your work life haphazardly? On my recent trip to Rome, I caught myself admiring the demanding work of their “fresco” technique. The artist wipes out the entire job and starts anew, even with the slightest mistake. If not, you would always be able to spot the fault due to the complexities of the work. It is impossible to cover up the error in the long run.

Now take a moment and think about your life and business: do you cover up the spots, or do roll up your sleeves, dig into the work, and commit yourself to excellence? Whether you are advancing your career in leadership or building up a strong team, the faults will shine through in time. It may take time and courage to invest in leadership and build a strong, thriving business. A coach may, however, help you reach your goals and nudge you onwards when faced with obstacles.

I have the motivational and problem-solving skills it takes to get results. I am here to support you through a self-discovery journey of your power within so you may achieve all your goals.