Press release: Proud Sponsors of the Earth Overshoot Day

Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) is more than just a company; we are a tribe, offering sustainable and innovating camping hammocks and other, useful products. We are committed to the environment and take our responsibility to human values seriously. One of our primary goals is to raise awareness of pressing, global challenges; that is why we are proud to be sponsors of the campaign #pledgefortheplanet and the Earth Overshoot Day 2016.

Earth Overshoot Day

August 8 marks the Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year. The rest of the year, we are draining local resources by overfishing, overharvesting, and releasing carbon dioxide into the sky. That means that in just eight months, we demand more resources than the Earth can supply in an entire year.

Earth Overshoot Day 2016 and #pledgefortheplanet is a campaign that unites and challenges everyone to take action. We can all make changes and reduce our ecological footsteps. The campaign aims to raise global awareness, and everyone may join their projects and make a pledge to reduce their Ecological Footprints.

Both companies and individuals can make necessary changes to minimize the negative impact on the Earth. By using sustainable materials and production methods, while respecting and protecting local resources and cultures, companies big and small can pledge to reduce their Corporate Footprint.

Sustainable Goals

This enticing vision reflects the TTTM tribe’s important goals. We support fair trade, and all our staff enjoys proper working conditions. All our product range is hand-made by skilled artisans in our factory in Bali, and high-quality, environmentally friendly materials are locally sourced.

It makes perfect sense for the tribe to support the campaign’s important goal; creating a sustainable future and a thriving planet. We minimize our Corporate Footprint by using local materials and innovative recycling methods while producing camping hammocks and other, useful products for both outdoor adventures and everyday life.

Waste Not, Want Not

Our products and camping hammocks are all produced with a minimal impact on the environment. We care, and nothing is left to waste. We turn any leftover materials into new, high-quality items, such as eco-friendly bags and backpacks.

In our quest to reduce our ecological footprint, what better cause could be better for us to support than the Earth Overshoot Day? Now is the time to take action. Join us on our mission, and take a #pledgefortheplanet on August 8.