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The in-depth Human Design chart + report covers your Type & Strategy and shows you how to apply it to all areas of life, such as parenting, career, wellness, and relationships.

Road map to life success

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Human Design reveals your energetic DNA and it's your blueprint to an aligned life and business.

✓ Your innate strengths, gifts, and power
✓ Emotional & energetic wellbeing
✓ Where we most vulnerable to conditioning 
✓ How to create wealth by Design
✓ Explore your life's and soul's purpose
✓ Spiritual themes

Type & Strategy alone is enough to catalyst massive transformation

free human design report

Paula bailey

“It helped me to understand myself as a woman and business leader and has had a profound effect on my certainty in leading my team and business into the future.”

"I loved my HD reading with Eileen. So much made sense!"

We're all Designed to be abundant, but we're different in how to get there. Following your Strategy protects you from burnout and scarcity as you build your business and career.


Career & Welath

Discover typical challenges for your Type & Strategy, and learn how to navigate them for life success. We'll look closer at your internal decision-making process to make sure you make aligned choices in life, be it parenting, work, wellness, or spiritual development.

Common traps and challenges

Discover exactly what it means to live your Type & Strategy. No more wondering what it all means; we'll put your chart into context so you can start living by Design straight away.

Learn to live your Type and strategy

Topics We'll Explore