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Sure, everybody admires how you juggle it all, from the job to the kids to the cats who consider tearing up the sofa a sport.

Yes, everybody thinks you’re a hard worker and calls you “so dependable.”
And sure, you have a sense of security & you can’t complain about the direct deposit that hits your bank account like clockwork every week.

But the truth?
You know you have so much more to offer.

And to be honest, you’re terrified your talents are being wasted at your day job and the world might never see them if you don’t break away soon.

Let’s be real: It’s not just the job that’s a problem. You don’t have a life outside your job, either. You have no time for your family or friends. And when was the last time you had time for you?

Here’s what I know about you:
You work a 9-5 job, but you’re ready for more.

You can learn how to work on your own terms and not have to answer to anybody (but yourself). Let me show you how…

Don’t get me wrong: It takes work to transition from a desk job to doing your own thing. Clients and cash don’t just show up on your doorstep.

It takes time and effort to put yourself out there, build authority and credibility, and grow a client base.

But if you truly want to become a successful freelancer with steady work, you just need to do a few things before you kiss the desk job goodbye.

Sound familiar? Well, good news… You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in Your 9-5 Forever!

- Kimberly dredger from one of my previous courses

Having just finished the course, I can wholeheartedly relate that this course is a winning strategy for anyone who needs a guiding hand, a kick in the butt, a loving voice telling you "You CAN do this

student love

I know you feel like now is your time. And I promise that if you implement what I teach inside this course, your life could be dramatically different in just 30 days. This course will provide you with the exact tools and techniques you need to hit the ground running and go from full-time employee to full-time freelancer in no time.

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Imagine a life full of creative freedom like you’ve never had before.

Imagine if YOU called the shots about what products and services to offer your customers.

Imagine working a schedule that suits you and your family. (Have health issues? Taking care of a sick relative? Just want more time flexibility for your personal obligations, from yoga classes to grocery shopping? You got it.)

Imagine breaking away from a “fixed salary” and working a “job” where the sky’s the limit when it comes to income. (Are you feeling dollar signs yet?)

And imagine getting to do meaningful work that you actually care about for a living.

Now, if you’re ready to stop wasting your time, potential and energy in a day job that drains you (and where you have to laugh at one-too-many of your boss’ corny jokes), it’s time to learn how to set up a successful freelance business quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.

Yes, There IS a Better Way to Live Life and Make Money!

sound like something you'd like?

Yes, There IS a Better Way to Live Life and Make Money!

…You don’t know where to start–and Google searches on the subject only stress you out.

…You’ve put it off for weeks, months or years because the fear of not making enough to support your lifestyle is oh-so-real.

…You just aren’t sure if it’s “the right time” (spoiler alert: there’s no such thing!)

…You don’t have a clue how to go about finding people who actually need your services and want to pay you money for them!

Yes, you CAN transition from your day job to a successful freelancer, even if…

Full-Time to Freelance

let me introduce you to...

You'll find resources for blog writing, email marketing, web copy, and social media posts. No matter what your writing niche is, you'll find something useful for you.

Covers all written content

These are perfect when you need a little writing inspiration or want practical examples that you can re-write as your own.

Swipe files & Copy & Paste

Kickstart your writing career by following along my frameworks and templates. You also get access to all my copywriting hacks and secrets in My Little Black Book of Copywriting.

Copy Templates & Checklists

Psst... Check out the templates and resources you're getting!

Want to get clients? Well, then you gotta know where to look for them! In Lesson 4, you’ll learn what you need to do to get earning right away, with the right clients.

In lesson 4, we’ll cover…

✓ The sneaky ways you’re making “finding clients” harder than it has to be
✓ Expert tools for clearly defining your target market–and where to connect with them.
✓ Crafting a core message or USP that matches and supports your brand–and will easily attract (and retain) the right clients.
✓ Determining your ideal lead capture and nurture system–so you can bring in the right people fast and feed your business for life!

module four

How to Land Clients with My Easy One Page Marketing Plan

Let’s face it: You don’t want to work for peanuts…but you also don’t want to alienate potential clients with prices that seem out of reach. Lesson 3 is all about how to avoid common freelance pricing pitfalls and make actual money. You’ll learn how to pick the right prices for your services in a way that still honors your self-worth.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

✓ Why successful pricing is never just about prices–and how to price your products right so you earn what you deserve!
✓ The necessary steps to take before setting your prices–so you can avoid losing money on problem clients or working for next to nothing!
✓ How to properly position your brand and offer–and determine what your market is willing and able to pay.
✓ The essential ways to ensure both you and your clients recognize and appreciate your value!

module three

How to Price Your Service Packages Without Living on Ramen

Want to make potential clients “ooh” and “ahh” even if you don’t have a ton of experience? Good news: Lesson 2 will guide you through creating an attractive portfolio that you love and clients can trust–even if your work experience is a little light.

Here’s what you’ll learn….

✓ How to gather wow-worthy testimonials to supercharge your website–and what to do if you’re scared to ask for them.
✓ The secret trick for beefing up your portfolio fast–even if you’ve never had a real client!
✓ The one fatal mistake new freelancers make that instantly brands them as an amateur–and what to do instead.
✓ How to create high-quality mock ups, case studies, and other sample pieces–if your work history is a little on the light side.

module two

How to Build a Posh Portfolio that Racks Up Client Sales

New freelancers can get noticed fast when they have the right image. And in cyber space, that means they need a stellar brand and website, stat. Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret. Lesson 1 is all about getting your brand identity and website set up quickly, easily – and impressively. (Oh, and for under $100, to boot!)

Here’s what we’ll cover…

✓ Creating a brand and website that best represents you–plus a step-by-step timeline to follow to make it happen fast.
✓ How to identify and define what makes you different–so you appeal to the right clients, right away.
✓ How to get top-quality logos, headers, and graphics–even if you can’t draw a straight line and know nothing about design.
✓ How to set up your very own WordPress site–even if technology scares the crap out of you!
✓ What to do if you don’t want to DIY–(aka how to set up your website, domain name, logo and other graphics–for less than the price of a latte!)
✓ Step-by-step instructions for whipping up compelling website copy–without laboring over every word for weeks.
✓ Putting it all together in way that delights you and your clients!

module one

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity & Website for Under $100

check out what's inside waiting.

best of all, you get a library full of templates to kickstart your client work!

I've got a 14-year long writing career behind me as a journalist, press officer and copywriter. 

I went freelance back in 2016 to reclaim time freedom for myself and my family. Only to discover I had to spend ages researching and struggling to get my business from start-up to thriving.

You can skip that exactly struggle and get these resources instead.

I'm Eileen. Journalist and copywriter here to help you take things to the next level.

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I'm spilling the beans on all the copywriting secrets I've learned from my 14-year long writing career.

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Simply follow the step-by-step plan to create, launch, and get paying freelance clients in 30 days. Feel free to take it slower if you prefer, though!


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You don't want to be freelancer. Clearly, not for you!

You haven't got any spare time. You'll need to set aside time every day to get it up and running in 30 days. Of course, you can take it slower if you prefer. But you still have to take some action regularly.

This is not for you if... 

You're an in-house writer wanting to break free and launch your own freelance business.

You love writing, but have no idea how to get started with your writing career.

You've just gotten started as a freelance writer but want a clear plan to level up fast.

This is for you if you are... 

I completely understand feeling fear around leaving your full-time job. But what I also know is that life on the other side is so worth it.

✓ Get your freelance biz up and running in less time than it takes to plan a vacation
✓ Build your own confidence and authority while building your own website
✓ Take the pain and guesswork out of the research and technology required to go freelance so you can start earning now
✓ Become your own boss – and create more job satisfaction, free time and money than you ever could working full-time!

Then this course is for you.

And the best part: It’s all available to you right now, if you want it. It’s literally just one click away!

It’s Time to Stop Dreaming About Going Freelance and Take Action! 

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