Attention online entrepreneurs: If you’re putting out tons of content but still don’t feel like you’re creating a deep connection with your audience, this is for you …

Craft Powerful Stories & Connect With Your Dream Clients in a Profound Way

Stop wishing you could create incredible content that gets your business noticed, and learn how to craft stories straight from the heart that resonate with your audience! The course launches the 31st of October: Book your spot in advance for massive savings!

Special Pre-Sale with amazing discounts

The self-study course launches the 31st of October: Book your spot in advance to save at least $75. You can also split your payment in two.

Hey there,

Writing content can feel like an ongoing (and seriously not fun) saga. Am I right?

You spend ages (okay, hours) pumping yourself with caffeine to create “enough” content.

You do your weekly “content” tasks with a robotic swiftness. One email newsletter. 3 Facebook posts. An Instagram post a day. And can’t forget that blog post!

You thought content was king. But the truth is–while you might receive a Like here or a random emoji thumbs up there–your stories aren’t stirring emotions, or spawning sales.

Worse, you see so many other online entrepreneurs totally crush this whole “storytelling” thing. One post and in minutes their comments section is bursting with sentiments like, “OMG, this just changed my life!” or “OMG, I feel like you’re speaking straight to me!”.

You want your voice to stand out and stand for something, too. But when it comes to sitting down and sharing what’s on your heart, you just can’t.

Yes, you yearn to connect with your audience in a deep, profound way, but when it comes time to tell your audience more about you– from what got you here to what challenges you’ve faced to all the struggles and the successes and everything in between–you freeze up.

Maybe you don’t know how much is too much to share.

Maybe you worry about somebody–your clients, your friends, your colleagues–judging you.

Or maybe you just doubt your ability to write (or speak) in a way that truly compels and hits people in the feels.

All you know is you DO want to share. And you want to HELP.

I’ve got bad news: Your content will never break down the barriers between you and your ideal clients.

Deep down, you know that if you’re going to truly connect with your people online, you need to push through that self-doubt (and comparisonitis!) and start writing your stories with total honesty.

Well, here’s a truth bomb for you (that might actually ease some of the madness in your mind)…

Telling Your Story Isn’t Really About You – Even When It’s Personal. It’s Always About Your Listener And How You Can Use Your Experiences To Help Her Transform!

Frustrated young woman screaming at studio

It’s true: Most of us yearn to tell our stories. But even when we do–and especially when we’re doing it for business–it’s not really about us.

Telling quality stories isn’t just a form of self-expression (although it is) or a “selling tool” (although it is).

It’s a way to help and connect and cultivate a serious level of know, like and trust with your audience.

Nope, you can’t just tell stories for the sake of telling stories. You need to tell stories in a way that relate to your potential client. If she can’t “see” herself in your story, she’s out of there!

But if she does? She’ll not only stick around and scroll all the way through, she might even eventually trust you enough to buy from you.

That’s because…

Storytelling – True Storytelling – is All About Connection. And Connection Breeds Quality Leads!

Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs (nope, not just you!), the actual art and science of writing captivating stories is a huge stumbling block.

We know we need to write stories to strengthen our brand and create a strong bond with our audience, but there’s often a voice saying, “You shouldn’t get too personal, or vulnerable.” or “Your story is boring.” or even “You don’t have what it takes to write a decent story.”

So you end up churning out the same old boring content. (Does the world really need another Facebook post about “How to make 30 sales in 30 seconds”?)

You play safe.

You attract an audience who won’t ever really get to know you. (If you attract an audience at all.)

And you never quite manage to connect on the level you could.

Luckily, all hope is not lost, my friend.

There’s a four-step process you can follow that helps you to craft powerful stories–no matter whether your issue is fear, comparison or a complete lack of storytelling structure.


Her Empowered Story:
Entrepreneurs storytelling boot camp

In this 4-module, self-paced bootcamp, I’m going to lay out exactly how to attract your dream clients through the profound power of storytelling.

You always have the option to upgrade the self-study course, should you need more support. I offer e-mail support, as well as 1:1 consulting, tailored to your needs:

  • Get feedback on your writing
  • Help with picking out which stories to use
  • Feel EMPOWERED AF by your own story
  • Discover and remove secret saboteurs
  • Turn pain to power, so you no longer run away from your story
  • Create a rock-solid certainty in the services you provide
  • Create a personalized empowerment plan for success
The e-mail package package includes:

– 1 e-mail consultation per module
  • Submit work personal feedback on your writing, workbook, or whatever else you struggle with

The 1:1 consultation package package includes:

  • Introduction coaching call where we will map out your needs and set up a plan for the course. We take whatever time we need for this session.
  • 4 consultation calls lasting 30 minutes each: One per module
  • Submit work in advance of each call for personal feedback on your writing, workbook, or whatever else you struggle with

By the end, you’ll be able to…

  • Create a strong bond with your ideal clients by fusing your “why” into your marketing and storytelling–easily and effortlessly
  • Hook your audience by crafting stories that are so compelling, they can't help but read through to the end, every time
  • Adapt and shape your core stories to suit various platforms–and your unique marketing needs
  • Understand your audience on such a deep level that you can easily craft stories they relate to and “see” themselves in (even when the story is totally personal to you!)

get access to amazing bonuses

Pain Points & Language

Receive access to my masterclass, and learn all my secrets for identifying your ideal client's pain points and “speaking” to them in language they understand – and makes you sales. Let’s do this!

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With this planner, you will learn the changes you need to make to your website pages to attract clients + 20 things your website needs to attract more clients.

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How to turn your new leads into customers in 7 days: map out your ideal client, pinpoint their needs, create swipe files to save time, + how to test & tweak your automated e-mails.

Special Pre-Sale with amazing discounts

The self-study course launches the 31st of October: Book your spot in advance to save at least $75! You can also split your payment in two.

Sound fab? Here’s a glance at the delights in store for you…

Module 1: Start with Your Why

So, what’s your "why"? That's a pretty common question in business–but it’s also critical when it comes to storytelling. Just like a can't-put-it-down novel, the protagonist's "why" is the driving force behind every move she makes. Your "why" is what makes you go to work every single day. Learn how to incorporate that into your marketing and storytelling, and you'll create an instant bond with your ideal clients!

In module 1, we’ll cover:

✓ The importance of story–especially your own!
✓ How to discover your true Why—and why it’s fundamental to figuring out your client’s journey and what their next steps ought to be.
✓ Why your stories need to be relatable—and how to dig right into your client’s pain points and emotional needs.
✓ 21 questions to help you dig deep—and identify key moments in your life with absolute honesty
✓ Why meaningful research can help you define your own “why” moments and values—and create an instant bond with your ideal clients

Module 2: Uncover the Real Story

Want to create real connections? Your viewer, listener or reader needs to really “see” themselves in your story. But how do you create a relatable story they’ll actually read all the way through?

You don’t have to share everything, but you do need to share the struggles and triumphs that will resonate with your ideal client.
Module 2 is all about crafting a story that will hook your reader from the very first sentence and keep her scrolling right through to the end.

In module 2, we’ll cover:
✓ A proven structure and framework to help you craft effective stories—and catch your ideal client’s attention
✓ Why you need to find the conflict for your story’s hero to fight against—and the real problem and emotional need that’s central to the story
✓ How releasing your old stories instils trust—and gives you the confidence to help others release theirs
✓ Where to start your story—and how it impacts curiosity in the reader
✓ How to fully engage your audience’s senses—and pick the just-perfect level of detail for your stories ✓ 5 ways you can capture your authenticity in your story—in a way that feels most natural to you

Module 3: Using Story in Your Marketing Efforts

While it’s great to create a master version of your core story, you can’t tell the exact same story verbatim every time you’re infusing it into your marketing. But what you can do?
Is learn the specific (and preferred) storytelling format specially-suited to each marketing situation, audience or platform. Knowing how to “adapt” your story across different mediums to do this help you feel crazy-confident about sharing it–no matter how, where or when you do it!

In module 3, you’ll learn…
✓ How to use your story in email marketing—and create an extremely powerful 5-step email funnel that taps into your ideal client’s emotions
✓ 3 tools to help you create killer subject lines that crank up curiosity and increase your email open rates like crazy
✓ Which types of stories to tell on which social media platform—and the delicate dynamic between selling vs. connection
✓ 3 ways you can improve your storytelling for “in person” events or video—and how to use feedback to improve them
✓ How to sprinkle stories throughout your website—that extend way beyond your About Me page!

Module 4: Tell Your Ideal Client’s Story, Too

Connecting with your audience isn’t just about telling your own stories–it’s about telling your client’s stories, too! Module 4 is all about getting to know your ideal client in-depth, so you can craft stories that get the right people hanging on your every word and feeling majorly moved.

In module 4, we’ll cover…
✓ Why you should know your ideal client so well she feels like you’re reading her mind— and anticipating her needs, even before she even knows she has them! (Yep, this is possible!)
✓ How research can help you speak your ideal client’s language—and create a stronger connection
✓ How to tell stories that give your ideal clients the starring role in “your” stories–much to their surprise (and delight!)
✓ One critical thing you need to pluck out of your stories–and the surprising thing you should replace it with.
✓ Craft your 5-point marketing plan, so you don’t have to break off and worry about ‘craft’ or ‘sales strategy’ while you are engaging with your ideal clients
✓ Why you need to live and breathe your mission and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) every day if you want to tell quality stories over the long haul

Special Pre-Sale with amazing discounts

The self-study course launches the 31st of October: Book your spot in advance to save at least $75! You can also split your payment in two.

Listen, I get it. Writing stories can feel like a huge mountain to climb, especially if you’ve struggled to write stories for years. Writing can feel like exposing your soul and putting your heart on the line (not to mention your reputation!). I’ve been there, too.

But in all honesty, every online business owner can–and must–learn to write stories that resonate, and this bootcamp will show you how.

Just imagine…

  • Creating a deeper connection with your ideal client (so deep they kinda worry you might be a mind-reader)
  • Feeling like your audience “gets you” (and likes you for you!)
  • Knowing how to shape your stories to suit all your marketing needs–no matter what platforms you use
  • Understanding (finally) how to write for your audience with ease (and not sweat, stress or struggle)

It’s all possible when you take this first step.

The reality is: Your clients need to hear your stories. And if you’re not sharing your stories (or not sharing them in an easy-to-digest or relatable way), you’re depriving your people of the very thing they need to hear from you.

So, tell me: What’s truly stopping you from connecting with your audience on the level you both deserve? Whether it’s fear, lack of knowledge or even a perceived lack of skills, I’ve got your back.

Join my bootcamp, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to craft relatable stories that resonate, transform and eventually, sell.

What do you say?

Eileen Ystheim

Do you lack self-confidence when it comes to expressing your uniqueness and convert clients? Do you have an empowering story to tell, but struggle with self-doubt? Do you put out a ton of content, but lack true connection? I can help you craft powerful stories that will transform both your life and your business. 

My name is Eileen, and I am so excited to see you here! I am both a journalist and copywriter, and my background got me passionate about bringing storytelling into marketing. I truly believe we all have a story to tell, and I am here to send yours powerfully out into the world.

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses create powerful and savvy content that reflects your authenticity. Your unique story, passions, and motivations set you apart from everyone else on the market, even if the competition is fierce. You are not selling products or services, you are selling YOU. Are you ready to become magnetic and empower your story?

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The course launches the 31st of October: Book your spot in advance to save at least $75!

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