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We're flooded with information on how to thrive in life and business, and we live in a society that profits from our self-doubt. However, you were born with a unique strategy that's deeply coded in your energetic DNA: that is, your Human Design.

You already hold the keys to success: Your Human Design shows you how to unlock it. Are you ready for the journey home to yourself?

It's time to come back home to your soul

emotional & energetic alignment

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Human Design is your energetic DNA and blueprint for success, allowing you to align to pleasure, flow, and abundance.

I'm Eileen, and my special gift is helping people connect to their inner power and create calm in chaos, so that they can fill up with joy, find deep harmony in life, and show up for their people in full alignment.

I offer various Human Design coaching and readings for spiritual seekers, purpose-driven folks, and conscious professionals.

You can choose between personal readings for energetic alignment or readings for entrepreneurs wanting an aligned, impactful business by selling by Design.

Maybe most importantly, you'll learn to nourish yourself soul-deep, both emotionally and energetically.

You'll understand yourself in a new way, free from all the "shoulds" and outside exceptions -- allowing you to instantly tap into your innate power, heal worthiness wounds, and solve repeating challenges in your life and business.

Are you ready to let Human Design guide you back home to your soul?

Align with your energetic DNA for life success

go from force to flow

Erin wilson

"Having the opportunity to discuss my Human Design chart through Eileen’s unique perspective of marketing my coaching work gave me an eye opening shift of perspective and a great boost of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer."

"A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others from a place of my own natural flowing rhythm. Thank you."

paula bailey, business coach

“It helped me to understand myself as a woman and business leader and has had a profound effect on my certainty in leading my team and business into the future."

"I loved my HD reading with Eileen. So much made sense! I found myself nodding the whole way through!"

heather heartmann

"It was so helpful to learn how certain things can make such a difference in the way I’m designed to operate in the world! I loved how knowledgeable she was and she really delivered the information so beautifully!"

"If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!"

Aligning with your Human Design can be intense. This option is for the womxn who wants to ease gradually into their Design with me supporting their every step. You get 4 calls and daily Voxer support. In this container, we go deep; way deeper than what's possible with a single session.

You can tailor it for both your personal and business needs.

Book here for $800 or click here for two payments of $400. Please don't click away after payment, you'll be taken to a form that needs to be filled out.

embodiment by design: 1-month hd intensive

You can choose between a live consultation on Zoom or 60-minute recording of me de-coding your chart at great depth. You can request specific topics and send me questions in advance. If you want coaching and guiding, I recommend the live option.

energetic alignment by design

You get a 30-minute recording of me reading your chart. This option is perfect if you are new to Human Design, and you want me to focus on the specific steps you can take for greater alignment. Let me know if you have any specific area in your life that you would like me to focus on.

Since this is a recording, it's the perfect gift to a loved one. Or maybe you are a professional, wanting your clients to understand their Design? If so, you can gift them this recording.

Book here for single payment of $111 or click here for two payments of $56. Please don't click away after payment, you'll be taken to a form that needs to be filled out.

coffee & chart chat

Choose Your Adventure

Consider this session your safe space for an energetic reset if you are exhausted, burned out or emotionally overwhelmed.

We'll dive deep into your Design for emotional and energetic alignment, and together we'll explore how to solve repeating struggles in your life and business. We'll also tap into your power and gifts for immediate magnetism and flow.

Click here for one payment of $222 or click here for two payments of $111.

Human Design allows you to create a business from flow and tap into your magnetism on a whole new level. I combine my 13+years in marketing with Human Design coaching to help you do create a business by Design.

We'll explore how to create more money, pleasure, and flow by aligning to your energy, and I'll teach how you to create magnetic copy, content, and offers by using your Design.

If you're ready to ditch overwhelm and stand out from the crowd by making sure your business is a true expression of you, then book below.

Book here for single payment of $270 for Marketing by Design or click here for two payments of $135. Please don't click away after payment, you'll be taken to a form that needs to be filled out

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