come home to your soul

Are you ready to powerfully ditch all the roles that no longer serve you, move on after trauma, and heal on a deep level, so that you can boldly pursue your vision and calling?

the permission slip to be unapologetically you

This is for all the wild, creative, and spirited women who are tired of hiding their power.

This is for women who want to re-ignite passion for life, find the courage to speak and act their truth, and to heal from the wounds that hold them back in life and business.

She is done surviving. She is ready to thrive and let her vision lead the way as she makes impact and income.

This is for the woman who is ready to uncover all the layers and unleash her unapologetic self.

Impostor syndrome, other people's expectations, and a lack of self-belief will no longer stop her. She is done with laying awake at night, questioning her choices in life.

And she is sure as hell done with hustling and grinding, always being the "good girl", and not speaking her truth - it is time to run her life and business on her terms!

She is ready to step up, beat exhaustionism culture, ditch all the conditioning that doesn't serve her, and shape change in her own life and in the communities around her.

She is ready to elevate her life and business by reclaiming her self-love, self-belief, and power in a society that profits from her self-doubt.

The world needs her to speak her truth and step up. She can feel the calling in her very bones.

She is ready to come home to her soul.

“I was honored to get to do a human design reading with Eileen and she took me through the process of just understanding how to use my human design to my advantage.

It was so helpful to learn how certain things can make such a difference in the way I’m designed to operate in the world!

I loved how knowledgeable she was and she really delivered the information so beautifully!

Thank you Eileen for your genius and for sharing your amazing wisdom!!

If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!“

Heather Hartman, Business Coach 

consequences of deep conditioning

  • All those layers of conditioning are keeping us from our truest expression and who we really are - we believe negative things about ourselves that are simply not true!
  • The limiting beliefs and false truths about ourselves hinders our ability to manifest, create freely, and pursue our vision.
  • Hurt and trauma leads to a great disconnect, keeping us from loving and trusting ourselves deeply
  • Conditioning leads to low self-worth and low confidence.
  • We play small, ignore our dreams, and low self-worth keeps us from creating and sharing our gifts
  • Constant questioning decisions and end up feeling stuck, without knowing how to take action.
  • The negative thoughts and feelings affects the our energy, and therefore, our ability to manifest, create, and share our gifts freely.
  • Misalignment leads ultimately to burnout, bitterness, frustration, anger, and disappointment.
  • Constantly operating from force, not flow, can push people into hustling, over-working, and wearing themselves out.
  • We pursue businesses and careers that are not sustainable for us.
  • Misalignment affects our relationships and our ability to manifest meaningful and healthy love affairs and friendships.

Let's Chat

Ready to shed all those layers of conditioning that hold you back?

Human Design reveal your truest expression of yourself before trauma, hurt and conditioning. Spiritual, trauma-informed life coaching lets you bridge the gap and return home to your soul again.

When we de-condition, we become an embodiment of our Human Design. We become an embodiment of our vision, our truth, and our life and soul’s purpose in the world, enabling us to manifest the life and business that we desire.

The world needs your work. Are you ready to become your unapologetic self and deeply pursue your calling as a wild, creative, and spiritual woman?

the benefits of working together

  • Full understanding of your energetic blueprint and your Human Design, so you know who you are, your purpose in life, and how to get there.
  • Full support in healing from what's holding us back, including witch wounds, sister wounds, mother wounds, and other negative experiences.
  • Deep alignment with your Design, so you can quickly dissolve blocks and manifest with ease.
  • You get a decision-making tool and strategy that you can ALWAYS use to make the right choices for you.
  • Deep mindset shifts and embodiment practices to ignite your pleasure and passion, so you can awaken your lust for life and raise your vibration.
  • Embody a radical and deep self-love and self-trust so you call in the relationships, love, and business opportunities that are healthy for you.
  • Go from force to flow in all areas of your life.
  • Tap into your intuitive and creative power.
  • Get practical tools and advice to build your career or attract clients in your business.

“Having the opportunity to discuss my Human Design chart through Eileen’s unique perspective of marketing my coaching work gave me an eye opening shift of perspective and a great boost of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. 

Although I had been casually learning about HD for several months before, this was the first time I had someone who is knowledgeable about Human Design frame it for me in such a way that I can really see how to use my natural strengths to attract my ideal clients and clearly speak to their desires. 

In addition to the value of her work, Eileen also showed a great energy of support, enthusiasm and belief in me and my work that made the whole experience very motivating and inspiring. 

A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others from a place of my own natural flowing rhythm. Thank you!!”

What human design coaching can do for you

Human Design can show you who you are without all the crappy stories, childhood conditioning, and conditioning from society – and it’ll show HOW you can THRIVE by embodying your highest self. This work is called deconditioning. You get to reclaim and rewrite life on your terms.

You’ll get in-depth information on the best strategies and decision-making tools for yourself, so you can start designing the life you crave and achieve the goals you set in life and business. HD gives you greater clarity, a tool for healing, and a map to your life’s purpose.


embodiment by human design

You get my support as you start integrating the knowledge from the HD reading and using it to achieve your goals. We will powerfully remove blocks, move on from trauma, and heal the hurt by fusing mindset shifts, shadow work, and pleasure practices for you to de-condition on a deep level. 

It’s time for you to return home to your soul and own your gifts, so that you can boldly pursue your vision and feel safe as your unapologetic self.

Please download the curriculum for an in-depth look at the lessons and set-up:

how it works

  • We start with a basic Human Design reading to get started, and then we dive deeper into your chart as we progress.
  • You get three pre-recorded lessons with tools and assignments per month.
  • You get two 1:1 coaching calls per month, so you get individual support and an opportunity to customize them to your needs.
  • The program lasts for 4 months for a total cost of $1500, payment plans are available.

Hey, I’m Eileen!

I help wild, creative, and spirited women love and trust themselves after trauma, so that they can boldly pursue their calling. By fusing Human Design with spiritual, trauma-informed life coaching, we’ll make our way back home to our soul.

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