seduce your soul with human design

A Human Design reading is a love letter to yourself and a permission slip to live your truth. It's your soul's blueprint, and who you truly are beneath layers of childhood conditioning, lived experiences, hurt, and trauma.

Are you ready to unleash who you are truly meant to be?

i offer the following readings

Personalized reading for healing & alignment
Choose between the following topics or leave a specific request for your reading. The readings are recorded with live support afterwards, as I deliver A LOT of information that many people need some time digesting.

You'll have the opportunity to choose between a live or recorded reading.

If you want more than 1 of the following topics, leave a note when you book your first session. I'll then send you a link to upgrade for more sessions at a discounted rate. All subsequent individual readings costs $99, saving you $56 per reading.

You get 7-days of on-the-spot coaching regardless which reading you choose.

1. Purpose by Design: Explore who you truly are and what your purpose is, your strengths, wisdom, and your best strategies for life. We'll go deep into what you need to feel whole and complete.

You'll discover who you really are, not who other people or society have told you to be.

We'll examine where you're most vulnerable for hurt and conditioning so you can heal from past or future rejection, wounds, and trauma in life and relationships. This will allow you to create more harmony, power, pleasure, and balance, as you'll be stepping into your unapologetic self.

You'll receive affirmations and journal prompts to start your de-conditioning work.

2. From Force to Flow: Your energetic needs for self-care, wellness, and joy to avoid fatigue and nourish yourself soul-deep. If you are always feeling drained, stressed out, and overwhelmed, this is for you. Learn exactly what you need to keep your cup filled up, so you can continue showing up for your people, family, and clients.

3. Sustainable marketing for work-at-home families: We are always trying to become complete, and therefore we are drawn to specific types of Human Design. Use this in your sales and marketing for sustainable growth! Learn how to craft your mission statement from your incarnation cross, sell from your centers, and create content from your gates to activate client attraction without the hustle and stress.

We'll cover how to run your business sustainably: Create more prosperity for you and your loved ones. Learn how to work more efficiently, how to structure your days, create more with less hustle, tap into your natural gifts and strengths in marketing & sales, and how to manifest by Design.
- Reading for couples:

.... Understand one another fundamentally
... Build on your strengths together
.... Understand attraction by Human Design
... Discover your potential weaknesses
.... Learn to communicate better
... Discover how to better grow and evolve together
... See where you'll need to compromise.

Human Design Reading for children:
... Discover how to best support them to make them feel loved, safe, and empowered as they grow up
.... Discover their specific way of learning and thinking
... Explore their strengths and future life patterns
... Discover their health and wellness needs
... See where they are most likely to experience hurt and conditioning, so you can support and help them

Are you ready to bring more harmony into your life and your relationships by aligning with your Human Design.

What a human design reading can do for you

A Human Design reading will show you how to nourish yourself and your people on a soul-deep level. It’s the ultimate step to radical self-love, emotional wellness, and greater fulfillment. 

It is also a tool to find your purpose, your unique strengths, and helps you you see what you are here to bring to the world, so that you can market yourself powerfully and run your business in a soul-aligned way

We’ll unlock the codes for your unique client attraction, find your most powerful marketing messages, and explore what your ideal client needs from you.

I also offer to read the charts of children and couple charts, so that work-at-home families can bring greater harmony and peace into their homes.

Here's what you'll learn:

here's how it works:


human design reading

You get a 60 minute recorded reading of your Human Design chart + 7-day follow-up support.

I normally send you recorded reading straight to your inbox, as many people prefer to listen and digest all the information at their own pace. A reading is an analysis of your chart, and I deliver a lot of information in one go.

However, I understand that some people prefer to do it live. If you crave extra support, you can let me know in the booking and I’ll send you a schedule link to do the analysis live.

Regardless of your choice, you will get extensive 7-day follow-up support on Voxer or FB Messenger to answer all questions that might arise. 

You can use the extended support to get on-the-spot coaching in situations as they arise, so this is a brilliant opportunity to have me by your side as you start to align with your Human Design.

“Having the opportunity to discuss my Human Design chart through Eileen’s unique perspective of marketing my coaching work gave me an eye opening shift of perspective and a great boost of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. 

Although I had been casually learning about HD for several months before, this was the first time I had someone who is knowledgeable about Human Design frame it for me in such a way that I can really see how to use my natural strengths to attract my ideal clients and clearly speak to their desires. 

In addition to the value of her work, Eileen also showed a great energy of support, enthusiasm and belief in me and my work that made the whole experience very motivating and inspiring. 

A new flame has been ignited within me when it comes to knowing how I can serve others from a place of my own natural flowing rhythm. Thank you!!”

Book your hd reading here to start your journey:

Hey, I’m Eileen, writer + Human design worthiness coach

I believe that healing is liberation. By reclaiming our personal power, we’re healing our very essence—and restoring the world along with us, piece by piece.

Healing our worthiness wounds and aligning fully with our Design gives us the strength and resilience to be whole and complete, no matter what is going on around us.

Human Design is your soul’s blueprint and a road map to who you are meant to be here in this lifetime, without any conditioned crap.

Are you ready to shed the gunk and unleash your unapologetic self?

Book your hd reading here to discover your soul's blueprint

“I was honored to get to do a human design reading with Eileen and she took me through the process of just understanding how to use my human design to my advantage.

It was so helpful to learn how certain things can make such a difference in the way I’m designed to operate in the world!

I loved how knowledgeable she was and she really delivered the information so beautifully!

Thank you Eileen for your genius and for sharing your amazing wisdom!!

If you’re thinking about working with Eileen – DO IT! She’s amazing and you won’t regret it!“

Heather Hartman, Business Coach 

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