successful mindset for new female entrepreneurs

I doubled my rates as a service-based entrepreneur by simply empowering and shifting my mindset, as well as changing my niche so I could feel truly aligned, doing what I felt called to do with joy and pleasure – and now you can too!

Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes with this A-Z Guide to Developing and Maintaining Your Entrepreneurial Mindset + how to boost your income with manifestation!

Here's what you'll get

Eight modules on developing and maintaining your entrepreneurial mindset, full of no-fluff actionable steps, powerful affirmations, and tangible steps to ensure you success:

  • Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • NLP Techniques
  • Master Self-Discipline
  • Hairy Scary Goal Setting

+ Workbooks and checklists to guide you on your way


– Empowering, no-fluff affirmations & journal prompts

– Bonus video: How I doubled my rates as a service-based provider with manifestation + workbook

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  • How to plan for success & turn failures around to victories
  • Overcome hurdles & clear out what is holding you back
  • How to power on when the going gets tough
  • Productivity tips when working from home
  • Bonus video: How I doubled my rates using mindset and manifestation
  • Overcome limiting beliefs ebook + workbook

Don't miss this if you are a new entrepreneur or you feel stuck when trying to grow your business – avoid costly mistakes!

Avoid burnout and disappointments – set yourself up for success by adopting a successful mindset for new female entrepreneurs.