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    My name is Eileen, and I am so excited to see you here! I am a doTERRA wellness advocate, writer, and mama, passionate about self-care, self-love, and wellness. I firmly believe that empowered women empower women, and we all can live a fuller, braver, and happier life. 


    No, I don’t mean perfection – I mean embracing the beautiful chaos and letting your soul shine with all your strength and weaknesses. You are worthy of the life you crave, and I have created my blog, courses, and e-books to help you step into your next level of self.

    I struggled with childhood trauma, anxiety, abuse, addiction, depression – but kept trying to do it all until the body shut down with chronic pain and stress, and refused to function until I started healing. I remember when I sat with my newborn son for the first time, and I thought: No more. I am going to heal, and I am going to embrace life fully.

    The journey led me to re-evaluate everything I knew to live a fuller, yet simpler and more balanced life. I have fallen in love with every single bit of living, all the madness, beauty, chaos, and calm moments. I crave every single bit of happiness out there. Do you? Are you ready? Then join me on the adventure that is life, babe!

    fresh from the blog

    Do any of these sound familiar?

    Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? Nagging thoughts of self-doubt and an endless self-critic that questions your worth and value? Do you never find time for yourself, and you are fed up with always feeling tired and uncomfortable in your body? I truly believe taking care of your mind, body, and spirit can help you transform your life so you can start loving yourself relentlessly.

    My free membership site is continuously updated with fresh and exciting posts and knowledge, challenges, e-books, videos, and much more – all designed to inspire and empower women everywhere.

    I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I am offering free 1:1 sessions to help you find out which essential oils you need and how to use them. You will receive a free healthy living planner and access to a fantastic team, amazing support and tutorials. 

    Are you ready for radical, bold, and deep self-love and start living the life you desire? Then my coming e-courses and books are the ultimate solution for you. You get access to course materials, video tutorials, worksheets, workbooks, and you need to flourish.

    What if you could...

    Start loving yourself deeply, feeling deep worthiness and contentment? What if you felt energized and healthy, with lots of joy and excitement in life, so you could show up for your family and for your dreams? What if you could say yes to live a fuller, bolder, more beautiful life?


    essential love by eileen ystheim

    I offer three awesome resources for you – a free membership site with monthly challenges, e-books, and other resources. I am also open to give you a 1:1 session on essential oils, as well as offering e-courses on deep & radical self-love.

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    Fall in love with life with self-care & self-love resources for members, updated every month.

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    Anyone who becomes a doTERRA member through me gets 1:1 guidance to find the best use for your oils + joins an amazing team.


    Are you ready for radical, bold, and deep self-love and start living the life you desire? Sign up for my e-course now.

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