Hey, I´m Eileen:

Powerful & Thought-provoking Copy And Content.
Captivate & convert without losing authenticity.

You have important work to do out in the world. You are not willing to settle for mediocre. You are edgy. You are bold. But you need a little hand with getting your vision into the digital universe.

My specialty is building long-term customer trust & relationships. You know, the kind of trust that converts into loyal customers, not the buy-once, and then flee type of customer. 

I do this by breaking down complex topics into compelling storytelling that hooks your audience and makes them read all the way to the end: long-form blog posts, e-books, and white papers – fully researched with accurate information, of course. 

My secret sauce is compelling brand storytelling that makes your customers the heroes of your story, toppled with an extra spice of organic SEO traffic. And if youre into something sweet, then explore my social media package: after all, getting leads on the Gram is definitely my jam.

If you want to capture the attention of your audience with inspiring and meaningful content & copy, but don’t know how – I am here to help you woo with words. Think of me as your very own word-wizard & coffee-sipping sidekick in the world of digital marketing. 

I´ll bring your content strategies to life by combining all my superpower sass from years as a newspaper journalist, head of press relations for a non-profit, as well as a freelance wordsmith & social media seductress. 

Psssst! Want to learn how to craft your stand-out brand content yourself? Then my brand storytelling boot camp might be just what you need

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