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Do want step-by-step guidelines, actionable steps, and live group coaching?

Find your true authentic self and the courage to live out your passions and dreams – it is your life babe, so seize it!

Tired of feeling inadequate and hiding your dreams? Do you long to let your true self show, embrace your unique authenticity and finally be brave enough to pursue your goals?

What if I could give you the blueprint so you can get to know yourself and discover your life purpose? 

What if I could give you the tools to build your self-esteem so you can start loving yourself fiercely? 

What if I showed you a way for you to live authentically and dare to be yourself?

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Here's what you'll get

The 6-module course will take you on a journey of self-discovery as you find your true passions in life and the courage to follow your dreams. You get the tools to truly understand who you are and start loving yourself fiercely enough to live your dreams.

The modules contain video lessons and transcripts with actionable steps that you can quickly implement in your daily life. Forget all about fluffy e-books that leave you none the wiser – the course contains straight-to-the point lessons, understandable summaries, and tangible, actionable steps.

You will also get lifetime access to the FB group where you will get the support of likeminded women, live coaching calls, and regular freebies such as e-books to support you on your journey – from the course starts and as long as you need it.

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  • Know yourself: Discover your identity, values, and how to tap into your deepest passions. We begin by laying a solid foundation on which you can continue your journey.
  • Remake your self-concept: Find true self-acceptance, forgive yourself, learn to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Release what no longer serves you and rebuild a healthy self-image.
  • Accept yourself: Now that you understand yourself and know your passions, it is time to re-write your life story and determine who you truly want to be. This step is all about building and maintaining an unshakable self-esteem.
  • Love who you are: Embrace your individuality, stop seeking approval from others, and quit the destructive comparison-game with others. As you begin to love yourself fiercely, you also begin to love and support those around you.
  • Determine your life purpose: The module consists of self-revealing questions, journaling, and meditations that will help you unlock your life purpose.
  • Live authentically: The final module wraps up everything you have learned and give you the steps to how you can live an authentic, brave, and beautiful life. Find the courage to say what you mean and show your true self to others around you.

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